10+ People Who Have Something Rather Unique to Show Us

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Every minute, around 250 babies are born. Every 1,000 births, a person with polydactyly — a condition where you have one extra finger or toe — makes their way into our world. Sometimes, the things that seem to bother us because they are different turn out to be our best features.

Nature loves to put on an entertaining show, and Bright Side gathered 15 findings that confirm, once again, that every day is an opportunity to witness something for the very first time.

1. “I am 10% handier than you are.”

2. “Stanley, my horse, was born jet black. Slowly, over the years, he’s become gray. He’s the color-changing horse.”

3. “This is fasciation, a genetic mutation in plants.”

4. “I was born with one elf ear.”

5. “My cat has thumbs and an extra claw in between.”

6. “This cedar waxwing has 2 heads.”

7. “These kittens with perfect mustache patterns”

8. “This octopus has mutated tentacles.”

9. “My cousin caught a lobster with double pinchers. Both claws work.”

10. “One of my chickens laid this very odd-shaped egg.”

11. “My wife has Stevens-Johnson syndrome. Her fingernails will randomly decide to regrow themselves.”

12. “Went to the dentist yesterday, and they discovered a tooth growing upside down in my gums.”

13. “We had a huge storm tonight and the sky turned green.”

14. “My friend’s tree grew a double apple.”

15. “My little brother’s extra thumb”

If you were a nail artist, would you charge your clients 10% more money if they had an extra finger or toe? What’s one feature about yourself that you believe makes you different than the crowd?

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