YAMAZAKI home 6777 Tower Countertop Spice Caddy, White

YAMAZAKI home 6777 Tower Countertop Spice Caddy, White

YAMAZAKI home 6777 Tower Countertop Spice Caddy adalah satu keperluan untuk menyimpan rempah-rempah di dapur. Reka bentuk menarik menunjukkan ciri moden dan fungsinya membolehkan anda menyimpan bahan dapur dalam satu tempat yang mudah dijangkau. Keadaan caddy yang kecil tetapi padat menyediakan tempat yang mencukupi untuk mengisi serbuk kayu manis, serbuk cili, serbuk ketumbar dan lain-lainnya. Rekaan yang padat membolehkan penggunaan yang tepat dalam satu ruang kecil di atas meja untuk memudahkan akses ketika memasak. Diperbuat daripada bahan yang kukuh dan tahan lama, YAMAZAKI home 6777 Tower Countertop Spice Caddy adalah pilihan terbaik untuk membantu anda membina dapur yang kemas dan tersusun.

Make use of this organization caddy wherever your home could use a touch of order. Whether in the bathroom to house lotions and creams or in the kitchen for your go-to spices and oils, it’ll be useful throughout your home.
COUNTERTOP ORGANIZER: This counter, tabletop, or cabinet rack is a great solution to create extra storage where needed. The bottom level features a thin lip to prevent items from spilling out and the upper level is enclosed by a rail to prevent items from falling out.
MULTI-PURPOSE ORGANIZER: Use this as a spice caddy to corral all of your favorite herbs, spices, and condiments. Keep near the stove or table to keep everything within arm’s reach. Equally at home in the bathroom or bedroom where it can be used to store bath or beauty products.
MATERIALS + CARE INSTRUCTIONS: The frame is made from a powder-coated steel. The finish is applied three times, making it water repellant and leaves a smooth finish. Easy to clean with a light soap or detergent and a damp cloth.
LOAD-BEARING WEIGHT: Each shelf supports up to 6.6 pounds.

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