Taxi Driver in North China Praised for Helping Prevent Suicide

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A taxi driver in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has received praise for his quick thinking which helped prevent a woman from taking her own life. 

According to People’s Daily, taxi driver Zhang Yan Hui picked up a female passenger at around 7pm on March 6, in Chifeng – a prefecture level city located around 400 kilometers northeast of Beijing. 

Zhang noticed the passenger was holding a bottle containing a substance. When Zhang asked what it was for, the woman replied that it was pesticide to keep away cockroaches.

“Make sure to keep it away from children,” Zhang reminded her.

As the woman was getting out from the taxi, Zhang noticed that she had a gauze on her hand. Already suspicious, Zhang asked what was wrong, to which the passenger replied that she wanted to kill herself. 

It quickly became clear that the substance in the bottle was for the purpose of suicide. 

Zhang encouraged the woman to talk about her feelings. She said that she had recently been experiencing family problems. After taking her contact details, Zhang drove straight to the nearest police station to inform them about the situation.

The woman was eventually taken to hospital to be cared for. 

Zhang said he “wouldn’t have been able to sleep” had he not helped her. 

The article on People’s Daily WeChat Official Account has been viewed more than 100,000 times with many comments praising Zhang’s actions. 

[Cover image via Weibo/@科技小辛]

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