Mythical Games Announces ERC-20 Token For Gaming Ecosystem

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Mythical Games partners with 21+ companies, including Ubisoft and Animoca, to decentralise web3 gaming with the new ERC-20 token Mythos (MYTH). The CEO of the gaming web3 company — John Linden, claimed the Mythical Games was accused of not being ‘web3 enough’. Therefore they decided to create a change. 

In 2020, Mythical Games released Blankos Block Party, but now it is working to build a gaming ecosystem using a Mythos foundation, token and DAO. What are the details of the latest gaming ecosystem by Mythical Games?

Daily News | Online News Mythical Games
Mythical Games partners with 21+ companies to build a gaming ecosystem

Daily News | Online News Mythical Games’ New Gaming Ecosystem: The Mythos Foundation

The Mythos Foundation aims to reduce the barrier to entry of new gamers and developers in the gaming ecosystem. But it can only be possible through the support of its partners, which include big players in web3 gaming like Ubisoft, Krafton, Netmarble, Kakao Games, Com2uS, and CM Games, among others. 

In addition, Mythos Foundation has partnered with E-sports and guilds like  FaZe Clan, Gen.G, Talon, and EVOS, among others. Also, it teamed up with Web3 brands such as Animoca Brands, Klaytyn, and Hadean, among many others.

Moreover, Mythos Foundation also launched with a set of initial group advisors. Some of whom are from partnering companies. This list includes Tedder from OneRepublic, Rehito Hatoyama — Former COO of Sanrio,  Lesley Silverman — Head of Web3 at UTA, and Yat Siu — Chairman of Animoca Brands, among others. 

According to John Linden, their group of partners and advisors is one of the largest gaming alliances ever announced, which will help transform Web3 gaming. More importantly, the primary function of the Mythos Foundation is to manage the daily operations of the gaming ecosystem DAO. Furthermore, the Foundation will focus on developing five key areas such as:

  • Cross-chain infrastructure and NFT transport
  • NFTs and game economies evolution for game developers and publishers
  • Growth of traditional esports in web3
  • Gaming guilds and guild communities integration and support
  • Collaboration with traditional gaming platforms to create new policies supporting the next generation of games and gamers.
Daily News | Online News blankos block party
Mythos Foundation, token, and DAO come after Blankos Block Party

Daily News | Online News Mythical Games’ New Gaming Ecosystem: The Mythos DAO & Mythos Token

To decentralise Web3 gaming, Mythical Games also announced the launch of a new Mythos token (MYTH). Additionally, MYTH is an ERC-20 mainnet token with a fixed supply of one billion tokens which will provide web3 game utility and ease ecosystem governance. 

Furthermore, its sole aim is to allow gamers, developers, publishers and content creators to contribute to the gaming ecosystem. In fact, the $MYTH is the governance token needed to participate in the decision-making at the Mythos DAO. Moreover, Linden said that since no one cares about single-game public mainnet tokens, MYTH is a multifunctional token. 

Daily News | Online News Mythos Games
What is Mythical Games? | Credit: NFT Plazas

Daily News | Online News About Mythical Games

To begin, Forbes named Mythical Games one of the disruptive technology companies to watch in 2019. Later in 2021, the company made it to Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas list. Mythical Games is a revolutionary game technology company which aims to build a web3 gaming ecosystems where players, creators, artists, brands and game developers can become stakeholders. Indeed as a gamers-first company, more users who are not blockchain experts can enjoy their gaming experience and ownership.

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