Meyers Confounded by President’s ‘No One F–s With a Biden’ Comment: ‘He Went From Uncle Joe to Scranton Joe’ So Fast (Video)

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Seth Meyers was pretty stunned by Joe Biden on Thursday night, after the president was caught on a hot mic saying “no one f—s with a Biden.” The late night host likened the moment to Steve Carrell’s alter-ego from a certain other NBC show.

“Woah! That escalated very fast,” Meyers joked. “So he went from Uncle Joe to Scranton Joe in like, a heartbeat.”

Biden’s comment came after a joint press conference with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Wednesday, in which they discussed what they’ve been doing in terms of hurricane relief. The president was speaking to Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy, but whatever Biden said to preface his statement was inaudible. It’s not clear who Biden was referring to either, as his next statement, “And you can’t argue with your brothers outside the house,” didn’t really clear things up.

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But really, it didn’t totally matter to Seth who Biden was actually talking about because he wasn’t saying it to another member of his family, which would’ve made the most sense.

“My question is, what were they talking about? How did that even come up?” Meyers marveled. “Also, when I first heard it, I thought ‘Is the mayor also a Biden?’ But he’s not, he’s a Murphy. Because when I use the phrase ‘A Meyers,’ I tend to be talking to other Meyers. Like when I pull my kids in close and say ‘No one picks a Meyers first for dodgeball,’ which is fair.”

Still, Meyers enjoyed the moment as a whole. On the contrary, right-wingers did not. The late night host also poked fun at Tucker Carlson’s coverage of the moment, in which he pulled up a graphic of Biden wearing sunglasses and eating ice cream — superimposed on a scene of a massive fire. Carlson likened Biden to a “mob boss” and called the exchange “pathetic.”

“Is it pathetic? Because your graphic makes him look f—ing awesome,” Meyers mocked. He added “It looks like the poster for an action movie where Biden is played by Jason Statham.”

You can watch the full segment from Meyers in the video above.

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