ApeCoin DAO Vote To Create a Marketplace For Ape Holders To Connect

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ApeCoin DAO finally voted to create a marketplace where verified Ape holders can connect and collaborate. Apparently, the ApeCoin DAO not only had one but three new proposals to vote on during the week. Out of the three new proposals, AIP-91 is the approved name for the ‘marketplace creation’ proposal.

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ApeCoin DAO votes for marketplace Creation for $Ape holders | Credit: RollingStone

More importantly, the full name of AIP-91 by the ApeCoin DAO is “Platform To Connect Talent Within the Ape Community”. In addition, the $Ape community voted on the proposal for a week and fortunately, it passed. Would the marketplace bring the $Ape community members closer?

Daily News | Online News ApeCoin DAO Vote To Create Marketplace Ape Holders

On September 22, ApeCoin DAO added three proposals, including AIP-91, to their voting list and guess what? They all passed. Following a week of intense voting, ApeCoin announced on its Twitter page that proposal AIP-91 passed. 

Seemingly, the community members showed excitement for the proposal written by Holocronape through voting results. In fact, 91.26% of the $Ape community voted for it, while 8.74% were against it. 

Admittedly Holocronape declared how amazed he and his team were by the support they received in votes and private messages from several Apes. In addition, he said, “Now we are going to work hard to be able to live up to such incredible support.”

There are currently 5 Active AIPs up for a vote, and 3 more will be coming for a vote this Thursday at 9pm ET (AIPs-88, 91 & 96)

— ApeCoin (@apecoin) September 20, 2022

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According to the ApeCoin Twitter page,  ApeCoin DAO passed AIP-88 and AIP-96 proposals with AIP-91, so what about them? AIP-88 is titled “Earn ApeCoin Revenue Through Our No-Code NFT Drop Platform & Launchpad”. And it will be integrating $APE with NiftyKit — a smart contract platform.  

Likewise, the full name of AIP-96 is “Funding for Public Goods (ETHGlobal & Gitcoin)”. Its purpose is to fund hackathons and grant programs for people building for ApeCoin.

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