‘Duck Sauce Killer’ subjected wife to decades of ‘sadistic’ abuse, lawyer claims

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Deranged “Duck Sauce Killer” Glenn Hirsch subjected his wife to decades of “sadistic” abuse, including beatings and rape, her lawyer alleged in a new court filing seeking to dismiss her charges.

Dorothy Hirsch’s attorney argued the “documented, decades-long history of physical, verbal and psychological abuse” serves as proof his client would never have helped her estranged husband stash his arsenal of weapons at her home.

“Glenn’s acts of brutality against Dorothy (before and during their marriage) included sadistic and violent sexual abuse, striking, cutting and menacing her with weapons, punching her, slapping her, threatening to kill her, extortion and contempt,” lawyer Mark Bederow wrote in a letter to the Queens District Attorney’s office.

The abuse proves “this is not some Bonnie and Clyde operation — she was not hoarding guns for him,” Bederow told The Post.

Daily News | Online News Dorothy Hirsch
“Duck Sauce Killer” Glenn Hirsch’s wife Dorothy was abused for years and never should have been charged with storing his weapons, her lawyer argued.

The 62-year-old woman faces a slew of weapons possession charges over a cache of illegal guns and ammunition police allegedly found in a closet at her Queens apartment in June.

Investigators searched her home after they determined her husband parked in front of the building immediately following the fatal shooting of a Chinese-food delivery man in Forest Hills.

Glenn Hirsch, 51, was accused of gunning down Zhiwen Yan on April 30 because he allegedly had a vendetta against the Great Wall restaurant for shorting him on duck sauce.

The murder suspect fatally shot himself inside his home last month while he was out on bail awaiting trial in the case.

Daily News | Online News Cluttered closet.
Dorothy’s lawyers say she didn’t know what was in the boxes and trash bags that Hirsch left in her apartment closet.
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Daily News | Online News Glenn Hirsch
Glenn Hirsch allegedly carried out the murder of a Chinese food delivery man because he had a vendetta against the restaurant for stiffing him on duck sauce.
Matthew McDermott
Daily News | Online News Zhiwen Yan
Chinese food delivery man Zhiwen Yan – who worked at restaurant Great Wall  – was allegedly fatally shot by Hirsch on April 30.

His battered wife wouldn’t have known about Glenn’s guns, wouldn’t have questioned him about what he was storing in her closet and wouldn’t have tried to find out for herself what was in the boxes and garbage bags, Dorothy’s attorney argued.

The DA’s Office knew about Glenn’s history of domestic violence before Dorothy’s June 3 arrest — but prosecutors found it “was ‘not relevant,’” Bederow wrote in the filing.

At least four times between 1995 and 2007, Glenn was arrested for violent incidents against Dorothy, including for allegedly raping, beating, and verbally and physically threatening her, the attorney said.

The DA’s Office gave him sweetheart plea deals in all of the cases, the court papers claim.

On Jan. 17, 2007, for instance, the psycho allegedly told his wife, “If you go to the police or leave me, I will kill you; I will kill your family,” the filing claims.

After he was arrested, cops discovered he had a loaded gun with over 100 rounds of ammo and a gravity knife, the court paper allege.

But the case was dismissed by the DA’s Office — and Glenn was arrested again months later for allegedly following Dorothy to a bus stop and accusing her of being with another man, the filing claims.

The creep was twice charged with violating orders of protection to stay away from Dorothy, but those cases were eventually tossed too, according to the court docs.

Bederow, in the filing, accused prosecutors of improperly holding back this information from the grand jury.

The DA’s Office referred The Post to a statement it issued at the time of Dorothy’s indictment, and declined to comment further.

“As alleged, the defendant was found in possession of a cache of illegal weapons,” District Attorney Melinda Katz said in the statement from Sept. 2. “These deadly guns, which were recovered in an apartment that she alone owns and occupies, pose an inherent danger to countless nearby residents and the community at large.”

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