Restaurant Technology News Partners with Yelp to Promote Waitlist and Reservations Software with $100 Gift Cards – Plus $1,800 in Free Yelp Ads

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(  Last year, Yelp for Restaurants launched Yelp Guest Manager, bringing its front-of-house features together into one comprehensive solution. Today, the solution has been deployed by more than 12,000 table service restaurants to reduce their costs, expand their reach and seat more guests.

Now, in partnership with Restaurant Technology News, Yelp is out to prove that their all-in-one Waitlist and Reservations software is perfect for table-service restaurants. How? By giving away $100 Visa gift cards to simply demo it. No purchase required. No obligations.

Yelp Guest Manager combines Yelp’s massive network (9x as many diners as OpenTable), resulting in an average 8% increase in guest bookings, with front-of-house technologies that streamline everything from takeout and delivery orders to dine-in seating.

Yelp for Restaurants is also now offering new customers $1,800 in free Yelp ads. Restaurant owners and operators can learn more, schedule their half-hour demo and claim their $100 gift card here. Certain conditions apply.

Streamlining Front-of-House Restaurant Operations

Yelp Guest Manager includes new digital ordering and guest loyalty integrations, as well as new features that help simplify front-of-house operations for both dine-in and to-go ordering. Yelp also announced a new Virtual Restaurants attribute, to make those businesses easily distinguishable to customers as delivery and/or takeout-only restaurants.

The solution helps restaurants manage all of their front-of-house operations across the entire dining experience through one fully integrated solution — by bringing together Yelp Waitlist, Reservations, Kiosk, Takeout, Table Management, online brand building and more into one suite of offerings. It combines Yelp’s high-intent diner network with powerful solutions that simplify and streamline restaurant operations from takeout and delivery orders to dine-in seating.

The solution includes the following features:

Reservations & Waitlist: Enables restaurants to easily integrate digital reservations and waitlists into their Yelp page and websites, providing diners the opportunity to join the waitlist from home (or elsewhere), with accurate seat times and live status updates that helps reduce no-shows and line-abandonment for restaurants.

Table management and POS features: Gives hosts and servers what they need for smooth front-of-house operations including custom floor maps and sections, as well as integrations with POS and other systems.

Takeout: Lets restaurants add takeout orders, track them, and notify guests via text message when their food is ready for pick up.

Kiosk: Helps teams focus on hospitality by allowing diners to check themselves into a digital waitlist upon arrival, and receive automated wait times and text notifications with their table status. Available as an add-on to Yelp Guest Manager.

By centralizing management of takeout and delivery orders, guest communications and table flow, Yelp Guest Manager offers increased functionality to help table-service restaurants improve the quality of the guest experience while driving increased efficiency and revenue. Restaurant owners and operators can learn more, schedule their half-hour demo and claim their $100 gift card here.

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