Steam's latest horror hit is a co-op game like Phasmophobia with an emotional bend: you actually care about the ghosts

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I’m endlessly delighted by the gems constantly pouring out of Steam’s indie co-op horror space, and its latest release, Remnant Records, takes the well-worn ghost hunting formula and adds a few key twists. Namely, it makes you actually give a hoot about the spirits and the lives they used to live.

More than three years on from its Early Access launch and with a steady stream of updates and an active player base, Phasmophobia is an enduring classic for a good reason. It’s simple, it’s fun, and it can actually be incredibly tense. That said, among the deluge of Phasmophobia-likes released in its wake, there have been a handful that have dared to add their own unique twists to the tried-and-true formula, and it’s those than have earned themselves a spot in my friend group’s rotation.

Devour, with its dread-inducing slow escalation of terror, stands out as a highlight. The VR-compatible Forewarned is another one I keep coming back to for its clever use of PvP mechanics and deep lore. Now, Remnant Records, from Noctiluca Studio, appears primed to compel me and my friends to spend even more time hunting ghosts together. Most recently, Lethal Company became a bonafide smash hit on Steam and even surpassed Baldur’s Gate 3 and Resident Evil 4 as the platform’s highest-rated release of 2023.

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Of the games I’ve mentioned, Remnant Records’ bones are probably the closest to Phasmophobia. You and up to three friends are recruited by some sort of paranormal agency to go investigate haunted residences. It’s good ol’ fashion ghostbusting fun with friends, but as I mentioned earlier, Remnant Records has a few tantalizing tricks up its sleeve.

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