I buy this bit of LOTR merch every New Year, and it's under $20

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Physical calendars can seem surplus to requirements these days. With smartphones providing access to digitally synchronized schedules that update automatically, it’s hard to see the need for a physical one you pin up on the wall. Some may argue they’re a relic of a bygone age; something that should not have been forgotten, but were lost.

A couple of years ago however, when chance came, I was browsing a local bookshop between Christmas and New Year. It was then that I stumbled upon the Official Tolkien Calendar for the first time, which, in 2021, sported 13 stunning bits of artwork that celebrated The Unfinished Tales. Having just finished a full run-through of the LOTR audiobooks and The Silmarillion, I was easily ensnared by the cover image which showed the infamous Blue Wizards jaunting across a hilltop.

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