The battle of Beast Vs. Beast begins in X-Force #48

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Hank McCoy, the bouncing blue-furred Beast, has been going through a rough patch for the last few years that has taken him to a dark place as the scheming, manipulative, ruthless leader of X-Force. But now, Beast will actually be the team’s next target as they begin a plan that seems to center on bringing back the old Hank McCoy, before he went bad, to take on his own misguided counterpart.

Though Marvel hasn’t specifically spelled it out yet, a new teaser for January’s X-Force #48, seen below, is going even farther to tease readers with the possibility of two Beasts duking it out, possibly with a younger, less evil Hank McCoy emerging from the wreckage of the Krakoan cloning process.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

“The best way to stop Beast is… Beast. Beast has finally gone too far and X-Force enacts a radical plan to take him down in next month’s X-Force #48, ” reads the text accompanying the teaser. “Don’t miss this long-awaited evolution for an original X-Men icon as writer Benjamin Percy and artist Robert Gill set the stage X-Force’s milestone 50th issue!”

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