Storm and Killmonger are a pair of freedom fighters - and a couple - in the new Ultimate Universe

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There was a time where Storm of the X-Men and T’Challa, the Black Panther, were married as king and queen of Wakanda in the mainstream Marvel Universe. Though their marriage has ended, the pair remain linked in Marvel lore. And in the rebooted Ultimate Universe, the new Ultimate Storm’s association with Wakanda will take an unexpected twist as she’s introduced as the romantic partner of none other than the new Ultimate Killmonger.

Launching in February, Ultimate Black Panther by writer Bryan Edward Hill and artist Stefano Casselli will become the second title in the new Ultimate line, following Ultimate Spider-Man. Along with introducing a new vision of Wakanda where its protector Black Panther wars against the armies of the new Ultimate Moon Knight and Khonshu, who wish to conquer the hidden African nation, the title will put a different spin on Storm’s relationship to the story by pairing her up with Killmonger. The pair will work as freedom fighters against the forces of Khonshu.

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