Now that we've actually seen Vice City, this dedicated GTA 6 map community can finally get to work on accurately drawing out the entire game

The arrival of the GTA 6 trailer means that we’ve had a pretty good look at the world of Vice City. But for one dedicated community, the trailer was just the next step in a complex GTA 6 mapping project – and now the real work can begin.

Earlier this week, Reddit user FluidAd6587 posted the latest iteration of a map put together the dedicated ‘GTA 6 mapping’ Discord. Based around the southern tip of Florida – the real-life state that Vice City’s fictional home of Leonida is inspired by – the map takes into account major roads, buildings, and landmarks, and even gets granular enough to take a guess at the land use of specific parts of the map. Substantial areas are largely empty, but in the areas that have shown up in the trailer, the community is going through road by road and building by building in an attempt to create the most accurate GTA 6 map possible.

most recent edition of the GTA VI mapping project from r/GTA6

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