See What She Said – Billboard

See What She Said – Billboard

The month of August is upon us. And for Swifties, that means it’s officially Follklore season.

That’s because one of the most beloved tracks on Taylor Swift‘s 2020 album shares a name with the month we’ve just entered: “August,” told through the perspective of a character dubbed by the fandom as Augustine, who fills the role of “the other woman” in the teenage love triangle chronicled by Folklore.

Even Swift herself has taken to Twitter to ring in the start of the month, in spite of the fact that she’s released two more albums (Evermore and Midnights) since dropping Folklore at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. (The album is just that iconic, and so is “August.”)

“get in the car it’s august,” the pop star wrote at the stroke of midnight on Tuesday (Aug. 1), referencing one of the song’s lyrics: “Remember when I pulled up and said ‘Get in the car’/ And then canceled my plans just in case you’d call?”

Her tweet received more than one million likes in just a few hours, with thousands of fans sharing their excitement in the comments. Many of them quoted more lyrics in Swift’s replies: “SALT AIR AND THE RUST ON YOUR DOOR!!!!” wrote one, while another added, “i never needed anything more (than this tweet).”

“august heads unite,” chimed in Jack Antonoff — who produced “August” — in a tweet of his own.

Other Swifties have also shared homemade memes and reverent tweets honoring the track, with several people declaring, “It’s officially august by taylor swift month.”

There’s plenty of evidence beyond Tuesday’s swirl of Swiftie tweets that proves “August” isn’t just any old fan-favorite song, but has the evergreen power of a seasonal classic, something diehard Swifties and casual fans alike will dust off every year. For instance, the track made a resurgence on the Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart just a few weeks ago, and returned to the top 10 of the Hot Alternative Songs chart — mirroring the chart boost “August” saw one year ago.

And, assisted by a heavy feature in Prime Video’s Summer I Turned Pretty season two trailer, “August” has also experienced a major streaming boost recently. The week the trailer came out, its streams went up by 24%, according to Luminate.

See Taylor’s tweet and posts from Swifties celebrating “August” below:

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