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The Rise of Truth Social as Nigerians Migrate from Twitter

The Rise of Truth Social as Nigerians Migrate from Twitter

The social media landscape in Nigeria is undergoing a significant shift as many users are migrating from Twitter to Truth Social, an alternative microblogging app. This move comes as a result of Twitter’s recent policy that placed restrictions on the number of tweets users can read in a day.

Despite Twitter rescinding this policy, Nigerians have continued to seek alternatives, with many turning to Truth Social. The app gained popularity after its founder, former U.S. President Donald Trump, was permanently banned from Twitter due to allegations of inciting the individuals who attacked the U.S. Capitol building in January 2021.

Initially, Truth Social was not widely known among Nigerians. However, as Twitter users faced difficulties logging into the platform due to the restrictions, the popularity of Truth Social soared. The app even took a swipe at Twitter, boasting, “Reminder: On Truth Social, you can read and post as many truths as you want – all for free.”

According to a report by Allafrica.com, the migration to Truth Social has sparked mixed reactions among Nigerians. Some users expressed frustration, like @MrBlackOG, who stated, “Truth Social has crashed due to the high number of Twitter refugees invading the app.” On the other hand, @BOGbadams invited others to join him on Truth Social, while @gimbakakanda criticized the choice of adopting a platform founded by Donald Trump, known for his far-right extremist views.

As the migration continues, many users anticipate the battle between Twitter and Truth Social for dominance in the Nigerian social media market. Some users, like @MissPearls, expressed excitement about the lively interactions they’ve experienced on Truth Social even before posting their first truth. Ultimately, Nigerians are faced with the decision to stick with Twitter or embrace the alternative offered by Truth Social.

Credit: allafrica.com


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