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2 dead, 28 injured including children in Baltimore mass shooting

2 dead, 28 injured including children in Baltimore mass shooting

WASHINGTON – A mass shooting early on Sunday at an outdoor neighbourhood block party in Baltimore, Maryland, left two people dead and 28 others injured, about half of them children, as investigators sought the public’s help in tracking down multiple suspects, the police said.

An 18-year-old woman and 20-year-old man were killed, and nine people were still hospitalised with gunfire wounds as at Sunday afternoon, including a few in critical condition, police told reporters.

Among the injured were some 14 victims under the age of 18, said acting commissioner of the Baltimore Police Department Richard Worley, noting that they were still trying to confirm the victims’ ages.

Mr Worley said police were still searching for multiple suspects, and he urged the community to come forward with any information or videos.

“We know for sure there are more than one. We don’t know how many (suspects),” he added.

He said the police received multiple calls about a shooting just after 12.30am.

“Upon officers’ arrival, we located multiple victims suffering from gunshot wounds,” Mr Worley said, adding that three people were in a critical condition.

Hundreds of people were gathered in the area for an event called “Brooklyn Day” when the shooting occurred, a witness told TV station Fox 45, adding that 20 to 30 shots were heard.

CNN quoted Mr Worley as saying that as yet, there was no information on suspects or a motive, but investigators were “working an extensive crime scene”.

One resident of the neighbourhood, Mr Terry Brown, told the Baltimore Sun that he was standing outside his home when he heard the crackle of gunfire, followed by a stampede of people fleeing in panic for cover.

“It was chaos,” Mr Brown said. “Parents were running around looking for their children, hollering and screaming, and don’t know if their child has a bullet in them.”

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