When does Lola Pearce die in EastEnders? What to expect as tragic funeral is filmed

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As Lola Pearce’s terminal brain tumour continues to take its toll on the young mum, fans at home are more than aware that the character’s time in Walford will soon be at an end.

Heartbreaking scenes in EastEnders earlier this week revealed that Lola’a recent round of palliative chemotherapy had failed, meaning her tumour had once again increased in size and begun to impact both her speech and her mobility.

In a devastating blow, medics also revealed that she has mere weeks left to live, not months as previously thought.

Faced with the prospect of delivering the devastating news to her daughter Lexi, Lola even took things one step further on Wednesday, as in her desperation she asked her grandpa Billy to help her end her own life before she became a “shell of a person” stuck in a hospital bed.

Lola's time on our screens is sadly coming to an end

Lola’s time on our screens is sadly coming to an end

Lola’s storyline has been running for several months now, with fans knowing what fate awaited her after receiving a terminal diagnosis back in March.

With Lola’s days now numbered, the number one question on everyone’s lips is when exactly will she die?

Here’s everything we know so far…

When does Lola die?

Lola's death will take place in the next few weeks

Lola’s death will take place in the next few weeks

The exact date of Lola’s death has yet to be revealed by the BBC, but the solemn occasion is now expected to be imminent after the cast and crew were spotted filming her heartbreaking funeral scenes.

Fans at home already know that Lola will have lost her battle with cancer before Christmas, as confirmed by the recent flash-forward preview of this year’s festive storyline.

In the scene, a framed photograph of Lola is clearly visible on the edge of the bar at the Queen Vic, a place commonly reserved for photographs of characters when a Walford resident sadly dies.

What has happened so far in Lola’s storyline?

Lola's tough storyline first began last year

Lola’s tough storyline first began last year

Lola’s story first kicked off in October 2022 when she began to experience a series of headaches and dizzy spells, before suffering a serious seizure.

Lola collapsed during Lexi’s talent show, prompting major concern from her loved ones who urged the ailing mum to seek proper medical care.

Heeding their advice, Lola underwent a CT scan, with Lola and partner Jay discussing their future together while awaiting the results.

Sadly however, the couple’s future plans were tragically dealt a gruelling blow, when it was revealed that Lola was suffering from a brain tumour.

Lola was diagnosed with the terminal brain tumour in November

Lola was diagnosed with the terminal brain tumour in November

Not long after the devastating news, Lola was taken for surgery in the hopes of removing the tumour, but medics were only able to remove part of it, and warned her that it was an “incurable” tumour that was growing at a rapid rate.

“He thinks I’m going to die, pops!”, said Lola, through tears.

Determined not to be defeated by the disease, Lola’s loved ones rallied around her, with Ben Mitchell even vowing to explore other options such as clinical trials and specialists in the hopes of prolonging her life.

With the shadow of uncertainty hanging over them, Jay meanwhile decided to bring a dose of joy to Lola’s life when he proposed to her over the festive season, with the couple soon tying the knot in January 2023.

After the wedding, Lola finally plucked up the courage with support from Jay, to tell her daughter Lexi the truth – that she was sadly going to die.

Lola has tried to protect Lexi from her illness

Lola has tried to protect Lexi from her illness

Knowing her time was running out, Billy also reached out to Lola’s birth mother Emma Harding, who had previously abandoned her as a baby, in the hopes of allowing the pair to reconcile before Lola’s death.

Despite a rocky start, the mother and daughter duo did manage to mend some bridges and start a new positive relationship with each other, but Lola’s mum has since left Albert Square after being offered a job in the USA.

Following the departure of her mum, Lola’s condition began to worsen once again, with Lola even making the tough decision to quit her job at the salon in order to focus on spending time with her loved ones.

Unwilling to see her go without a send off, both Kim and Denise decided to throw Lola a leaving bash in recognition for all her hard work, but Lola seemingly forgot the party as soon as it was mentioned as the tumour began to affect her memory.

To make matters worse, she later collapsed and was seen struggling to speak, with doctors soon revealing that she was nearing the end of her life and her condition would continue to worsen.

Unable to bear the thought of not recognising the people she loved most in life, Lola then asked her grandfather to help her end her life, rather than become a “patient lying in a bed.”

What will her funeral be like?

Lola's funeral will take place in just a few weeks time

Lola’s funeral will take place in just a few weeks time

Although many details about Lola’s funeral have been kept firmly under wraps by the production team, photographs from the EastEnders set have revealed an emotional send off for Lola, after more than ten years on the soap.

One standout detail about the funeral, is Lola’s white coffin which has been carved with her name and adored with a collection of pink and purple flowers as she is carried into the church.

Leading the pallbearers is Lola’s husband Jay, played by Jamie Borthwick, who will be on hand to support his wife one final time as he bids her farewell.

In addition, the funeral will also feature a host of floral tributes to Lola, including one from daughter Lexi that spells out the word ‘Mum.’

Another interesting thing to note, is that none of the funeral attendees are wearing black, with colourful outfits instead being worn to honour Lola’s life, rather than her death.

What will happen after Lola’s death?

Following Lola's death, her friends and family will come together to celebrate her life

Following Lola’s death, her friends and family will come together to celebrate her life

After Lola’s tragic death in the coming weeks, her friends and family will come together to host a special and emotional tribute to her life as they celebrate the best and brightest moments she shared with them.

Dubbing the event “Lola-fest”, the event promises to feature several balloons, jubilant music and emotional memories of the late but much loved Walford staple.


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