Summer Riding Gear Guide: Mesh Jackets, Gloves, Pants & More

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Beat the hear with purpose-built riding gear from summers from jackets to boots and accessories

When it’s scorching hot outside, wearing bulky motorcycle gear can be a hassle. This riding season beat the heat with a selection of weather-specific gear ranging from helmets to boots, to keep you cool even in the harshest of summers


Arai XD4 

Rs 1.08 lakh 

Arai XD4

No matter the weather conditions, you can’t go wrong with an Arai helmet, particularly the Arai XD4. With its Snell rating and rigorous testing, this dual-sport helmet can be customized to your preferences and has an impressive ventilation system featuring exhaust ports and top diffuser vents that allow warm air to escape. Additionally, Arai has designed the chin vent with more intake ports to provide an extra level of airflow. 

The helmet’s interior features Dry-Cool technology, which absorbs moisture and prevents sweating. Furthermore, it has 5 mm peel-away pads that can be adjusted to ensure a comfortable fit. 

Shoei GT-Air II 

Rs 79,999 

Shoei GT-Air II 

Despite its sporty full-face design, the GT-Air II delivers an impressive level of ventilation, thanks to its redesigned upper air intake and enlarged lower intake vents that increase airflow. Additionally, the manufacturer ships the lid with a breath guard and chin curtain. Inside, Shoei continues its reputation for shipping some of the quietest helmets in the market, with its new 3-D Max-Dry center pad and multi-layered polyurethane foam cheek pads that help eliminate wind noise. 

REV’IT! Eclipse Jacket 

Rs 14,060 

REV'IT! Eclipse Jacket

Apart from your helmet, a riding jacket constitutes the very base layer of protection every biker must have in their closet. But despite many dime-a-dozen offerings, only a few offer safety and ventilation needed for our erratic road and weather conditions. Lo and behold the Eclipse from Revit, offering CE Level 1 armour at the elbows and shoulder with space for an optional back protector. Made out of polyester mesh with ventilation panels, it also offers accessibility features such as arm straps for adjustability, along with both inner and a hand pocket. 

Klim Induction Jacket 

Rs 44,000 

Klim Induction Jacket 

If you’re someone who spends most of their time on the saddle, rather than off it, the more premium Klim offering might be your best bet. Loaded with CE Level 1 armour on the back, shoulders and elbows, the Induction jacket is made of  Karbonite mesh, which claims to be sturdy yet flexible at the same time. Adding more to the comfort are its stretchable panels on the sides, shoulders and arms along with several pockets and easy-to-access zippers, for a quick adjustment on the go, even with gloves on.  

Riding Pants 

Klim Baja S4 Pants  

Rs 42,300 

Klim Baja S4 Pants  

Non-seasoned riders always make the mistake of skipping bottom protection, but picture this: in a typical slow-speed crash, your legs are likely to be the first part of your body to make contact with the tarmac. Would you trust casual textiles to save you from that impact? The Klim Baja S4 pants might be an investment, but they just be the last pair of riding pants you’ll ever need, with  CE-approved armour at the hips and knees along with high-end goat leather inner leg lining for improved grip and heat protection. In case things get a little too hot, there’s also an antimicrobial lining which helps to improve airflow and reduce funky odours. 

Dainese New Drake Air Textile 

Rs 29,000 

Dainese New Drake Air Textile 

Taking a more casual approach here are Dainese’s summer pants, made from 750D textile construction and offering CE-rater knee armour. Ventilation here isn’t compromised on here either, with flip-up vents on the thighs which can be opened or closed, depending on the temperature.  


Alpinestar SP-8 V3 

Rs 17,500 

Alpinestar SP-8 V3 

Gauntlet gloves may seem like a nuisance in the summer, but their added level of protection is hard to argue against. This pair in particular comes with  CE-certified Level 1 protection and feature MotoGP-derived dual-density knuckle protectors. This is in addition to the palm sliders and reinforced fabric, which many companies cheap out on. There’s also a good amount of full-grain goat leather used in construction, giving it a more premium feel to the touch.  

Royal Enfield Trailblazer Gloves 

Rs 2,000 

Royal Enfield Trailblazer Gloves 

If you want to shop local, Royal Enfield has a wide selection of mesh gear, including their pair of Trailblazer Gloves. Offered in different colour options, these lightweight gloves give you enough ventilation and safety, without compromising on functionality. Case in point, its touch-sensitive index fingertip lets you operate a touchscreen device on the go, without ever taking the gloves off.  


Dainese York Air Shoes 

Rs 14,500 

Dainese York Air Shoes 

While riding shoes are necessities while you’re on the saddle, they can be a big pain in the arse when you’re off it. Many are too stiff, and too painful even for a small stroll, let alone for all-day use. Dainese York Air plans to fix this problem with a lightweight design and mesh inserts for hot-weather riding. Despite their sneaker-like design, the pair comes with rigid ankle inserts, heel and toe protection and a non-slip sole.  

Dainese Torque 3 Out Air Boots 

Rs 37,500 

Dainese Torque 3 Out Air Boots 

As cool as the Dainese pair might be, you won’t be allowed anywhere near a track with those on. This is where the Torque 3 Air Boots come with, with its replaceable magnesium sliders, D-Stone fabric and high grip TPU inserts. Additionally, you also get protective nylon on the shell, heel, and toe and the company’s D-Axial system, which prevents twisting of the foot in case of a crash. Fret not, there’s also an integrated air channelling system here to maximize air flow even on the hottest of track days.  

Additional Summer Accessories (Box): 

Raida Hydration Backpack – Ultra 

Rs 2,750 

Lightweight mesh construction, a generous 2-litre bladder and plenty of sternum adjustment straps make this an excellent companion for long-distance touring through the summer. 

Alpinestars MX Cooling Vest 

Rs 9,450 

While a soaked vest can get the job done, Alpinestars’ nifty vest allows riders to carry a body-mounted liquid cooler, which keeps core temperatures low via evaporation channels for about 5 hours of riding. 

HEAT-OUT Cool’R Balaclava 

Rs 1,800 

This balaclava offers advanced heat management technology to move moisture away from the body and into the air, keeping you dry and comfortable even on long rides. It even offers improved fit and odour prevention with its multi-directional stretching fabric and antibacterial liner. 

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