Filipino artist creates stunning recycled cardboard figure of Voltes V

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Pasay City-based Filipino artist Sarjit Singh recently showcased his remarkable talent by crafting a captivating sculpture of the iconic Voltes V action figure entirely from recycled cardboard. The intricately designed artwork, shared on his Facebook page, quickly gained attention and admiration from fans and art enthusiasts alike.

Singh, who has been a fan of Voltes V since his childhood, drew inspiration from the recent Philippine adaptation of the beloved series. Motivated by his passion for the iconic robot, he embarked on the ambitious project last November, dedicating a significant portion of his time and energy over the course of seven months to bring the sculpture to life.

“I started working on the Voltes V Legacy project last November, and it took me seven months to complete it. The abundance of intricate details required meticulous attention, so I took my time to ensure that every element was accurately captured,” shared Singh.

Having honed his sculpting skills for nearly five years, Singh opted to utilize cardboard as his medium of choice for this masterpiece, favoring its availability and cost-effectiveness over traditional polymer clay.

Sarjit meticulously documented the entire creative process on his YouTube channel, Sarjigami Origami, allowing fans and enthusiasts to witness the transformation of cardboard into a stunning Voltes V sculpture. 

After years in the making, Voltes V Legacy aired its pilot episode on May 8 on GMA Network. It also premiered in theaters in a limited promotional run.

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