Omega Strikers unveils cinematic opening trailer ahead of global launch

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Omega Strikers unveils cinematic opening trailer ahead of global launch

Omega Strikers, Odyssey Interactive’s debut game is set to launch on all major platforms come April 27th. It is a cross-platform 3v3 sports game that has been produced by talented developers, who were once former leads for Riot Games. To commemorate their first entry into the gaming space, Odyssey has teamed up with Studio TRIGGER to create a thrilling cinematic opening music video for launch.

Studio TRIGGER is already well-known for working on popular anime series like Kill La Kill and Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. They have been responsible for making epic visual content for over a decade now and Odyssey has just roped them in for one more ride. Players will see all the high-octane energy that Omega Strikers promises in the captivating trailer that has been embedded below.


If you haven’t heard about Omega Strikers before, it’s an adrenaline-pumping title that combines football (soccer for the Americans) with a little bit of air hockey. Two teams take the field and the one that scores maximum goals wins. Where’s the difference? Well, each character has its own unique ability and players must use them to their strengths to come out on top.

But people weren’t just randomly granted these powers. It all began four decades ago when a series of solar eruptions lead to geomagnetic storms, which in turn completely changed the planet’s atmosphere. As a result, the surroundings were full of dense and pure energy, which was extremely potent and was called Omega.

Omega was used to create magical abilities, superhuman powers, and cutting-edge tech, all of which found purpose in society’s favourite game – Core Strike. Add a little bit of Omega energy to it and a dash of champion players, you have Omega Strikers. And these strikers take part in the World Finals at Ahten City every year.

Omega Strikers launches worldwide on April 27th, on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, iPhone, and Android.

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