Moonbirds Fumbles ‘Day One Diamond Exhibition’ NFT Drop

PROOF has recently launched an exciting new addition: the “Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition.” This remarkable collection features a whopping 10,000 digital artworks. 22 acclaimed artists skillfully crafted the art, including the likes of Beeple, Dirty Robot, and Justin Mezzell, who also happens to be PROOF’s co-founder. However, the latest Moonbirds NFT drop didn’t quite go according to plan. Let’s take a closer look!

Moonbird NFT Odd God
Moonbirds’ Solution to the Diamond Exhibition NFT Drop: the Odd God

PROOF, the mastermind behind the Moonbirds NFT collection, recently launched an exciting new addition: the “Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition.” Only Moonbirds NFT holders with the “Diamond Nest” status could participate in the Diamond Exhibition NFT drop. To join in, NFT holders had to stake their tokens. But, it looks like Moonbirds may have fumbled the Day One Diamond Exhibition NFT drop.

Following feedback from the community that there wasn’t enough variety in the artwork, Moonbirds issued a statement on Twitter. Their solution is to use the ‘Odd God’ to issue a reshuffle. So, how will that actually work?

Firstly, Moonbirds are creating a smart contract that allows users to deposit their Diamond Exhibition art and receive a new piece from the collection. As a token of appreciation, they are also contributing some rare art that was not part of the original collection. Additionally, they’re adding some Moonbirds and Oddities into the mix. After the reshuffle is completed, the Diamond Exhibition mint will reopen for Mint Pass holders and new Diamond Nested birds. Those interested in participating in the reshuffle can expect further updates soon!

Finally, let’s take another look at Moonbirds. Significantly, Moonbirds NFT, the first-ever Proof collective PFP drop, has gained a reputation as a legitimate blue-chip NFT project. The Proof Collective is a private, members-only group of 1,000 NFT collectors and artists, led by Kevin Rose. The success of Moonbirds NFTs is not only due to their stunning artwork, but also because they provide access to the Proof ecosystem. It’s no wonder that the collection has been a tremendous success!

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