CS:GO New Case and Skins: What is the Anubis Collection?

The CS:GO new case shadow-dropped last night, surprising everyone in the community. The Anubis Collection Package features 19 weapon skins themed around the newest map in CS:GO.

Anubis was added to the competitive CS:GO Active Duty map pool all the way back in November. It’s about time we received a new CS:GO case celebrating it.

CS:GO new case

The Anubis Collection Package skins. Credit: Counter-Strike.net

How To Get the CS:GO New Case

Unlike all CS:GO cases bought on the marketplace, you can only get a new CS:GO case by purchasing it directly from the game. These packages cost $1.99, and you don’t even have to buy a key to open it, making it the most affordable CS:GO new case. For skin collectors, this could see the prices of the new CS:GO skins dramatically decreased due to the increased accessibility.

The new CS:GO case isn’t an in-game reward, either, so CS:GO rates of drops for cases don’t matter here. It will be interesting to see if Valve decides to keep the Anubis Collection Package in the store indefinitely. All CS:GO cases usually have a limited period with an increased drop rate, after which they raise in price. Having an infinite supply would mean that the price stays low, forever.

All of the New CS:GO Skins

As with all CS:GO cases, there was immediate curiosity across the CS:GO ranks about what new skins players can expect to find. Here’s the full list of 19 new CS:GO skins added in the Anubis Collection:

The ancient Egypt-inspired collection has inspired some mixed initial impressions. Many CS:GO players feel that the colors are rather muted, but ultimately, they fit the Anubis theme perfectly.

One new CS:GO skin every player will have their eye on is the M4A4 | Eye of Horus. It’s the only Covert skin in the pack, currently coming in at around $1800 for a Factory New version.

Credit: CS:GO Stash

With CS2 around the corner, the Anubis Collection could hold the distinction of the last set of new CS:GO skins. Hopefully, there’s plenty more to come when CS2 finally launches later this Summer. More information on CS2 and the CS:GO new case can be found on the official Counter-Strike blog.

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