WATCH: Detransitioner tells Charlie Kirk sex change made him 'happy for a short time' but 'it was a temporary fix'

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Charlie Kirk recently had Oli London, a detransitioner, on his show to discuss London’s journey through the transitioning stages, and how he came to the realization that transitioning was just a short-term fix.

London is set to come out with a new book entitled “Detransition: A Memoir” that explores his journey through the process of transitioning and, ultimately, detransitioning. 

“As a young kid, I always questioned my gender,” London began. “I used to be a little bit more feminine, so I would play with Barbie dolls, I wasn’t interested in sports, I wasn’t interested in boys things.”

“And as I became a teenager at school, you know, that’s a very difficult time when you’re going through puberty, you always question yourself, you know, some people get confused. And at the time, I was confused. I used to get bullied a lot for the way I looked. People would call me ugly, horrible names. Girls wouldn’t want to date me while I was at school, they said I was too feminine or too much like a girl.”

“So I had always had questions about my gender, you know, I was kind of listening to what people were saying about me, and I thought, you know, I want to prove these bullies wrong, I want to change myself, I want to make myself look better.”

“So as I became an adult, I started having surgery. I was living in Korea, I liked the Korean aesthetic, so it really started from there. And I got to a point where I’d had dozens of plastic surgeries over a ten-year period, and I still wasn’t happy. And I always had people telling me I was more feminine, I was more like a girl, throughout all my life, so I got to a point where I was like, ‘Maybe these people are right, maybe I’ve been chasing all this plastic surgery, all this perfection, maybe I’m misplacing this, maybe I’m meant to be a trans.'”

“So I actually had eleven facial feminization surgery procedures, which were so painful. I couldn’t even open my eyes for three days. And that was to feminize my face. I got hair extensions, I was living as a transgender woman. Going out in public, you know, I was at the Cannes Film Festival, wearing dresses, and, you know, I was happy for a short time. It was a temporary fix, which I think many people that transition, they have that temporary serotonin, that dopamine rush.”

“And then after a while, that kind of evaporates, and then you realize, “Wow, I’ve made a mistake.'” 

“So I detransitioned late last year, when I got to a point where I was like, ‘Why have I done this to myself?'”

“I started going to church, and realized there’s more to life than trying to pursue someone or trying to become someone that you’re not. And I finally kind of found happiness from within.” 

London recently took to Twitter, noting that his book discusses why we have witnessed a sharp increase in the number of children transitioning, and why teenagers are being pressured into transitioning. 

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