Raspberry Pi Board - USB 2.0 480Mbps - USB to M.2 SATA Converter - USB to SATA Raspberry Pi SSD (PIB2M21) Raspberry Pi Board – USB 2.0 480Mbps – USB to M.2 SATA Converter – USB to SATA Raspberry Pi SSD (PIB2M21)

Pi Board Raspberry – USB 2.0 480Mbps – USB ke M.2 SATA Converter – USB ke SATA Raspberry Pi SSD (PIB2M21) adalah peranti yang digunakan untuk menghubungkan solid state drive (SSD) pada komputer Raspberry Pi. Converter ini membolehkan pengguna untuk mengakses data lebih pantas melalui penggunaan USB 2.0 dengan kelajuan 480Mbps. PIB2M21 sangat berguna untuk projek-projek Raspberry Pi yang memerlukan penyimpanan data yang besar dan pantas. Selain itu, dengan saiz yang kecil, ia membolehkan pengguna untuk menggunakannya di mana-mana sahaja. Converter ini juga sesuai untuk sesiapa yang ingin meningkatkan prestasi komputer Raspberry Pi mereka tanpa mempunyai banyak pengetahuan dalam bidang teknologi. Dengan PIB2M21, pengguna boleh mengubah komputer Raspberry Pi mereka menjadi sistem penyimpanan data yang pantas dan efisien.

Increase the data storage capacity of your Raspberry Pi or other development board, by connecting it directly to an M.2 NGFF SATA SSD. Perfect for custom projects and applications, this USB to M.2 SATA converter supports all models of Raspberry Pi as well as other development boards.

Add storage capacity to your development board

This convenient USB 2.0 to M.2 SATA converter lets you overcome data storage limitations of your development board by enabling you to connect an M.2 SATA drive through your board’s USB-A port.

A convenient integrated solution

The USB to M.2 SATA converter integrates seamlessly with your existing development board. It’s the perfect addition for development-board based applications such as surveillance, media players and servers, digital signage and IoT/automation solutions. It enables you to utilize your M.2 SATA drives with your dev board, and take advantage of the small form factor of M.2 SATA which makes it ideal for applications with space limitations.

Easy to install

Compatible with M.2 SATA drives (2230, 2242, 2260, and 2280), the converter is easy to install and doesn’t require any device driver installation. It comes with a USB cable and all mounting accessories, including standoffs, so integrating it with your Raspberry Pi is fast and easy. provides industry-leading support to get you up and running quickly. The PIB2M21 is backed by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support.


This converter works with M.2 SATA SSDs only. To see which type of M.2 drive you have, simply look at the number of notches (or keys) on the drive end that connects with the M.2 socket. SATA-based M.2 drives have two notches (an M key and a B key), while PCIe-based M.2 drives have just one notch (an M key).

Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation
USB to M.2 SATA converter for Raspberry Pi and development boards includes USB cable and mounting accessories for Raspberry Pi board
Supports M.2 SATA drives (including 2230, 2242, 2260 and 2280 drive heights) and supports USB 2.0 with data transfer speeds up to 480Mbps
OS independent for easy set-up with no device driver installation required
M.2 SATA Raspberry Pi Adapter / Raspberry Pi board converter / M.2 NGFF SATA SSD adapter for Raspberry Pi board / USB 2.0 to M.2 SATA drive converter for dev boards / USB to SATA M.2 adapter for dev board / Raspberry Pi board adapter / Raspberry Pi SATA M. 2 adapter / Raspberry Pi USB to M.2 SATA adapter / M.2 to USB adapter / Raspberry Pi USB 2.0 adapter

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