Mutant Hounds NFT Reveal New Pup and Explore Hideout!

The Mutant Hounds NFT project released an exciting new promo video on Saturday. The video shows two Bored Apes exploring the Otherside in search of a new Mega Mutant Hound. What is the Mutant Hounds collection?

What is the Mutant Hounds project?

The Mutant Hounds project is a 10k collection featuring mutated dogs with a similar aesthetic to Yuga’s Mutant Ape Yacht Club. To create a Mutant Hound, you must first buy a Mutant Hound Collar. After that, you can burn the collar for a Mutant Hound.

Novel Labs formed Mutant DAO, a community-created incubator growing IP based on Yuga assets. Their group released the Mutant Hounds project in December 2022. It was an immediate success with sales of over 75 eth for rare pieces and a lifetime volume of over 12,000 eth for the Mutant Hound Collars collection alone. As of today, there are 7,698 Hounds in existence and 2,302 Mutant Collars left to be burned.

Two examples of artwork for the Mutant Hounds NFT Project
Meet Havok and Sam, two Mega Mutant Hounds
Image Credit: Novel Labs

The Mutant Hounds floor sits at .24 eth and the Mutant Collars sell at a premium of .5 eth for a chance to get a rare Mutant Hound.

What did the video show?

The 5-minute video follows two Bored Apes, Allcity and Bekin, as they travel down into the 6-level underground Mutant Hounds lair designed by artist Jon McTavish. BAYC member RidazLP created the video itself. It does a great job of bringing McTavish’s artwork to life with smooth, eye-popping animation.

Snapshot from the Mutant Hounds newest promo video
Old habits die hard for BAYC member Bekin
Image Credit: Mutant Hounds

The two apes succeed in finding the Mega Mutant Hound in the bottom level of the lair climbing out of a pit of glowing pink liquid/goo. Luckily for the Apes, The Mega Mutant Hound turns out to be friendly. It follows them as they leave the lair. Later on, we learn that the Mega Mutant Hound’s name is SAM.

All together, it’s a well-produced video and an extremely creative way to reveal a new character to the ecosystem.

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