Bunnies by the Bay Bloom Buddy Blanket

Bunnies by the Bay Bloom Buddy Blanket

Bunnies by the Bay Bloom Buddy Blanket adalah selimut yang dibuat khas untuk kanak-kanak kecil. Selimut ini mempunyai reka bentuk seekor kelinci yang boleh dijadikan teman tidur atau mainan. Selimut ini diperbuat daripada bahan berkualiti tinggi yang lembut dan selesa untuk kulit bayi. Ia mempunyai saiz yang sesuai untuk bayi dan kanak-kanak kecil yang baru dilahirkan. Reka bentuk yang cantik dan menarik pada selimut ini pasti akan memikat hati kanak-kanak dan membuatkan mereka berasa selesa dan aman ketika tidur. Bunnies by the Bay Bloom Buddy Blanket adalah pilihan yang tepat untuk hadiah atau untuk melengkapkan bilik tidur bayi anda.

This favourite security blanket is a stuffed animal and lovey in one! The best of both, to comfort and soothe even the choosiest of babies. Bloom has a white plush floppy eared bunny stuffed animal head and arms with a handcrafted, baby-safe embroidered face. The snuggly and super soft glacier Gray velour split blanket is lined and edged in silky satin for tactile development and soothing and designed with safety in mind. Sure to become a best friend for your little one, the difference is in the details. From the embroidered message along the edge of the blanket that reads, “best friends indeed” with a charming little bee and buzzing trail, to the signature three carrot tag that every baby will undoubtedly explore with their little fingers, our security blankets are a must-have comfort for baby. Bunnies by the bay buddy blankets are machine washable to keep baby’s favoured toy clean and safe, and durable to withstand the test of time and lots of cuddles.
Stuffed animal, baby lovey and best friend in one
Super soft, multiple textures for tactile development and soothing
Hand embroidered, baby safe details
Split baby blanket design for safety

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