Best Baby Product WallStyle+ Ws-196 Cat Wall Sticker, Mauve Pink

WallStyle+ Ws-196 Cat Wall Sticker, Mauve Pink

WallStyle+ Ws-196 Cat Wall Sticker, Mauve Pink adalah stiker dinding yang menawan dengan gambar kucing dan warna merah jambu muda yang indah. Stiker dinding ini memberikan sentuhan dekoratif yang menyenangkan dan unik pada dinding rumah Anda. Stiker ini mudah dipasang dengan cara menempelkan pada dinding dan dapat dihapus kapan saja tanpa meninggalkan bekas. Dengan menggunakan WallStyle+ Ws-196 Cat Wall Sticker, Mauve Pink, Anda bisa membuat ruangan lebih hidup dan menyenangkan dengan cepat dan mudah.

Wall sticker that can be easily applied over vinyl wallpaper

Decorate walls, glass, etc.

This is a new interior item that will make your room look like sundries
Cut the olefin sheet with non-PVC adhesive glue, and the retack sheet is attached to the surface, so you can peel it off from the backing paper, stick the main body and peel off the surface of the retack sheet to attach it cleanly.

Depending on your computer settings, the color of the product on your screen may differ from that of the product.
Please clean the surface with detergent and remove dust, dirt, and especially oil before sticking.
Cannot be applied on top of stain-resistant wallpaper.
If you apply it to uncomfortable embossed wallpaper or textured wallpaper, it may not adhere well.
If you apply it to the base of the paint, the paint may come off when removing it.
When applied to glass surfaces, air bubbles may appear, so please spray the glass surface with a mist before applying and release the air with water.
In the case of complex patterns, it is important to remove the transfer paper while making sure it is stuck slowly and slowly. Please be aware that it may cause failure if you remove it in a hurry.
Depending on the condition and type of wallpaper, there may be cases where it cannot be applied to. Please try it before purchasing to see if you would like a scello tape.
The surface of the wallpaper may peel off or damage when the sticker is removed, so please check the condition before purchasing.
When removing, heat the sticker with a hair dryer and peel it off cleanly. (Depending on the condition and type of wallpaper, it may not come off cleanly).
Motif: Cat
Color: Mauve Pink

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