Best Baby Product Takahashi torinco 9 No. 779 Weekly Planner, Starts April 2023, B6, Smoky Mauve

Takahashi torinco 9 No. 779 Weekly Planner, Starts April 2023, B6, Smoky Mauve

Takahashi torinco 9 No. 779 Pengatur Mingguan, Bermula April 2023, B6, Smoky Mauve merupakan sebuah buku pengatur waktu yang menarik dan berguna. Dengan bermula pada bulan April 2023, buku pengatur waktu ini menampilkan halaman-halaman yang dirancang secara kreatif untuk menyediakan sebuah sistem yang mudah digunakan dan terorganisir dengan baik. Ukuran halaman B6 memungkinkan pengguna untuk membawa buku tersebut kemana saja, sehingga memudahkan pengguna untuk merencanakan jadwal mereka tanpa ada kendala. Warna Smoky Mauve yang menawan, memberikan kesan penuh gaya dan elegan. Buku ini merupakan pilihan yang tepat untuk mereka yang ingin merancang hidup mereka dengan lebih terstruktur.

Luxurious, simple Plain design and high quality that you can expect from a long time. Torinco is the perfect notebook that was not seen.
This slightly unusual name was named “ornitorrinco” meaning the character of Takahashi Bookstore “Kamonohonasi”
Torinco9: A strong ally for everyday use, separate notebook.
Presenting the long-awaited weekly separated version of torinco. Recommended for those who want to write a diary or schedule just right for continuing every day.

Monthly Pages: The blocks allow you to see the same feel as a calendar, so you can easily track your weekly schedules. 1 squares are divided into the top and bottom, making it convenient for you to write down your appointments.
Weekly Pages: Manage your week’s worth of schedules with one page of view. There are many fun ways to use, such as having a checkbox every day. A great everyday companion for those who want to keep their everyday shape.

Specifications: Pen holder, monthly index.
(Supplements) Age Chart, ID and Password List, Personal Data, Dot Graph Note. (Additional Paper Supplement) Subway Track Map, Tokyo and Osaka Suburban Railway Map
Cover Type: Soft cover
Monthly Pages: Block-type Weekly Pages: Separate type that starts on Monday
(Posted Period) Month: March 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024, Week: March 27, 2023 – April 7, 2024
Imprint Color: 3 color reprint pages: 208 Specifications: Pen holder, monthly index

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