Best Baby Product Colorful Candy Style Lola Ashley N3248200 Shoe Case (Quilted), Shoe Bag, Amelie

Colorful Candy Style Lola Ashley N3248200 Shoe Case (Quilted), Shoe Bag, Amelie

Kotak kasut N3248200 Lola Ashley Gayanya Gula-gula Berwarna (Balut Quil), Beg Kasut, Amelie adalah pilihan yang sempurna bagi mereka yang menghargai gaya hidup kasual dan suka mengumpul kasut. Dibuat dari bahan quilting berkualiti tinggi, kotak kasut ini mempunyai rekabentuk yang menarik dengan corak warna-warni gula-gula yang segar.

Beg kasut ini mempunyai ruang yang luas dan mampu menampung sepasang kasut kesayangan anda dengan mudah tanpa merosakkan bentuk asal kasut. Selain itu, ia mempunyai rekaan yang praktikal dengan tali zip untuk memudahkan anda membuka dan menutup beg kasut ini.

Dengan adanya kotak kasut N3248200 Lola Ashley Gayanya Gula-gula Berwarna (Balut Quil), Beg Kasut, Amelie, anda dapat menjaga kasut anda daripada habuk, kotoran dan kemungkinan tercalar semasa membawa mereka ke mana-mana. Ia juga sesuai sebagai hadiah untuk rakan atau keluarga yang mempunyai hobi mengumpul kasut.

■Product Features

Laura Ashley, the founder of the brand “Laura Ashley” was founded with his husband in 1953 to print an original textile project by Laura designs in London, England. Today, it has grown to become a lifestyle brand that is available in more than 20 countries around the world, and Laura continues to attract fans all over the world.
Inspired by the old British culture that distinguishes trends and nature in Wales where Laura spent his early age. We offer kids and baby items that express Laura’s unique world view with elegant and timeless charm.

1. Shoes case made of LAURA ASHLEY fabric
LAURA ASHLEY fabric is used for quilting the lining from the Oxford fabric on the outside. Made of sturdy quilted material with filling, it is wrinkle resistant and durable.

2. Generous size of 9.1 inches (23 cm) wide, can be used for a long time.
Large size for elementary schools and juniors. Kids can smoothly insert and remove shoes etc.

3. Comes with a D-ring that allows the handle to pass through.
Easy open and close type with the handle through the D-ring and tighten the bag. Kids can store them by themselves and keep shoes from falling off.

4. With name tag inside
For privacy, the name tag is attached on the inside.

5. Thoroughly quality control for daily use with confidence
Our products have been tested for various JIS standards. In the washing fastness test, we have demonstrated a high test result of grade 4 to 5 (up to 5), so you can use it with confidence.
Washing fastness: The fabric will change color or fade when laundered at home, and the degree of impact on other laundry.

Lola Ashley headquarters permission and authorization of the content of the page is required for this product to be posted on the website.
All rights reserved.
Fabric Quality: 100% Cotton
Only the shoes case are not included

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