Best Anime games For PC

Originating in Japan, anime films, series, and PC games have soared in popularity. The diverse characters and story-telling through these mediums have favored anime producers, who see titles being adapted to various formats.

While playing an anime PC game, you can often find storylines such as getting trapped in a school with a remote-controlled bear, defending yourself from giant monsters, or going toward the dark side of a book club. Let’s take a quick look at some of the best anime games for PC.

Genshin Impact

@ Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an action-packed cross-platform game that was released for Windows in 2020. The free-to-play role-play game (RPG) is built on a delightful main story in an open world with four interchangeable characters. It makes the gameplay more exciting as the characters can be interchanged during combat scenarios, making for a unique gameplay experience.

Genshin Impact can easily be considered the best open-world game, as there are plenty of new regions to explore and characters to meet. The game also offers constant updates, expanding the world of Teyvat, where players can find enemy camps and useful resources.

Dragon Ball FighterZ


@ Bandai Namco

Arc System Work games provide a perfect animation balance between 2D and 3D games. A testament their specialty lies in fighting games like GuiltyGear and Blazblue. Dragon Ball FighterZ tops the list not just due to its well-built gameplay but also due to its famous characters. 

The most exciting part of the Dragon Ball FighterZ are the in-game brawls. The brawls turn into anime fights thanks to the animation and perfect angles, making the game stand out amongst its competitors. Dragon Ball FighterZ is user-friendly for beginners, and the storyline contains all anime staples, including the ability to throw your opponent into space during a fight. 

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy MMO


The original version of Final Fantasy XIV was a disappointment. But after the remake, A Realm Reborn, launched in 2013, it hogged the limelight due to its visual graphics, endearing story, and innovative approach. 

Once you enter the game, there are different classes to choose from. But one of the most significant changes comes when you enter level 10, as Final Fantasy XIV allows you to switch your weapon.

The regular updates, which include Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, have kept the fans engaged and wanting more. The game also has features like an in-game wedding ceremony where you can express your love to a fellow gamer. 

Tekken 7

Best Fighting Games - Tekken 7

@ Bandai Namco

If you like playing top Fighting games that allow auto-combats and grudge fights, then Tekken 7 is the answer. The game enables assists, punishes, and staple combos. However, one of the game’s drawbacks is that it might need to be more beginner-friendly, and you might have to take time to learn the basic combos and punishes early on. 

Story mode can come to your rescue as it includes a tutorial to help you learn how to play. The PC version of Tekken 7 has seen considerable community interest from online gamers and is worthy of dedicating hours to the grind.

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