T1 Keria ADC support saga continues: LCK witnesses Kalista support

After the first-ever Caitlyn support, T1 Keria continues his streak of marksmen games in the LCK with the first-ever Kalista support.

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T1 plays Kalista support in Game 3 against Dplus KIA in the LCK

T1 and Dplus KIA squared off earlier today in week 2 of the LCK Spring Split. After DK took Game 1, T1 retaliated by taking Game 2 and bringing the series to the series-deciding Game 3. With T1 on the red side and DK drafting the usual Zeri bot lane, T1 picked yet another ADC to pair with Draven in the bottom lane: Kalista.

This is the second marksman Keria picks in the span of a few days, after the first-ever Caitlyn support and it’s, once again, against a weak early-game bot lane like Zeri Lulu.

Kalista and Draven are known for being strong early game ADCs: the main goal behind the two picks is to bully the enemies and deny all the gold and experience during the first few minutes of the game. With a strong ganking champion like Sejuani on T1’s side, the early-game planning is quite self-explanatory. Not only that but Kalista can also reposition her ADC with her ultimate, making it almost impossible for the enemies to catch the Draven.

If you’re wondering how to play Kalista support, Keria is building the champions the same way he built Caitlyn. With Hail of Blades as the main keystone rune and Inspiration as a secondary tree, he’s going for the most aggressive rune setup you could have.

Build-wise, Keria took Spectral Sickle as the starting support item and rushed the Umbral Glaive to deny vision. For boots, he went for Ionian boots for a lower cooldown on his summoner spells and items. After that, he opted for more lethality items to deal damage with his long-range spears.

Everyone was wondering whether Caitlyn support would make a return after we’ve also seen other ADC supports like Jhin. That said, Keria continues to innovate the meta by picking a new marksman. Will he keep up his streak of unconventional picks in the upcoming weeks? Tune in to the LCK to find out.

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