Maneskin: 'We have a huge connection with Elvis with his songs'

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Måneskin join Zane Lowe in the studio on Apple Music 1 to celebrate their ‘Best New Artist’ GRAMMY nomination, celebrating their differences as band members on their new album ‘RUSH!’ due out later this week, working with super producer Max Martin, working on Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Elvis’ film, plans for 2023 staying level-headed as their notoriety grows, and renovating the boundaries and expectations of artists to preserve their own mental health and ability to create.

Måneskin Tell Apple Music About Being Nominated for a Grammy for ‘Best New Artist’…

Victoria: It’s incredible to think what’s happened in only one year and one year and a half after everything completely changed in our lives. And of course this is the biggest milestone I think you can hope for, so…

On Leaning into Their Individual Differences On New Album ‘RUSH!’

Victoria: I think that this whole record is a, there’s a lot of variety compared also to our previous records because this time instead of trying to find a common direction, the four of us and follow it, we try to follow more each one’s individual direction and ideas and stuff. So, I think that’s also where a lot of the inspiration for every different song comes from. It’s just about the energy of being all together and the sound of the words and everything.

Damiano: … this album is very different because instead of starting from the centre and trying to space out from it, we started from four different places, which are our four individualities and we tried to… going on the same island. Our Frankenstein.

Victoria: It’s better to embrace all our differences and give space to everyone to express themselves and be happy and be represented by the record. So that’s why we had to really open our minds and challenge our boundaries. Because some things we do we would never have done without each other.

On What They Learned Working with Super Producer Max Martin…

Damiano: For me personally, I learn a lot on the writing process. Because he is kind of a genius. We connected very, very well. And also, you don’t expect someone of his calibre to be that open and say, I don’t want to put my signature on it. I just want to take what you’re doing. Because I think it’s very original and fresh and everything and help you to maximize the quality of it. And I think that this kind of collaboration and sharing it has been very helpful for all the four of us.

On Narrowing Down Their New Album From 60 Songs…

Victoria: There’s so many that didn’t make it.

Damiano: We had like 60, 60. At the end I was like I will never write a song again. Two too many words in my head. I was going crazy. But we had this huge roster of songs and we spent three nights listening to it over and over, over and over, and every time doing this championship and every time.

On Working on Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Elvis’ Film…

Damiano: I think it was the perfect match because Elvis, I think the most influential artist ever. It completely changed the way artists look and are seen by the audience and the way they behave and the expectation that people have on artists. So, I think that having the chance to jump in a story and being, even if in a small part of it was such a beautiful experience. And also we have a huge connection with Elvis with his songs. So, it also playing it, it’s a huge honour because there will forever be our own version of an Elvis song and it’s kind of a milestone.

On How They’re Feeling After a Year of Touring…

Ethan: We feel good because we’ve been touring the whole year. So now the machine is very well oiled. Everything comes easier than normal for us. And in general, we always enjoyed playing live a lot because we feel like it’s the cherry on top of all the work that you’ve done. Because everything that raises in studio at the end has to sound good live…But yeah, I’m really enjoying all this through. You know why? Because the crowd is so energetic and even if I’m the first one from the crowd, I’m really feeling the heal and healing with them as well.

On the Importance of Work Life Balance…

Victoria: Everyone is giving you things to do. But we were happy to take them and we never felt like saying no to anything. So, this year has been really, really intense and I think that now we are not settling of course because we still want to go and do best and best and best. But we’re trying to understand that sometimes it’s okay to say no to something and take time for ourselves for both our personal lives but also to give more time to the music and do things with the right amount of time and not to stress all the time. Because then I feel if you burn yourself out then it’s hard to enjoy what you’re doing. And that’s the biggest shame of everything. When you lose the passion about what you’re doing.

On The Tough Decision to Pull Out of Reading & Leeds…

Damiano: Yeah, there’s no right answer and I think that’s no right choice in this kind of moments in situation. Of course, for us it was very sad and hard to decide. We thought and thought about it over and over and over. Sometimes people could understand the strategy things and sometimes, it’s like it’s very hard to keep everything together all the time. And we try our best to keep it authentic and organic but sometimes also we don’t know which is the right thing to do.

On Their Relationship with Their Manager…

Damiano: It’s very weird because of course we started working together when we did the X Factor and he was the musical director but we felt… like this huge connection immediately because he was the only guy there who was a musician and look kind of understand and had the sensibility to understand the journey… and I think he managed to dive into our four different personalities and now we have this kind of brotherhood family relationship and it makes everything kind of easier because you trust blindly the person whos giving you advices and whos helping you. He knows sides of us that of course nobody else in the industry knows. So, when we have to write music or take hard choices, he’s helpful.

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