Little Sumatran Elephant Found Dead in Riau Province

featured image, Pekanbaru – A rare Sumatran elephant was found dead in Riau on Wednesday, 18 January 2023. The caretaker thought the little elephant was only sleeping.

Sumatran elephants are endangered species. The little elephant’s name was Damar, and he was living at a Natural Park in Buluh Cina with his parents, Ngatini and Robin.

According to the official at the natural resource conservation office in Riau, Damar was found by a caretaker in the morning when he wanted to take Damar and his parents to the forest. The caretaker saw Damar was lying still.

“After being checked, the elephant Damar has already died,” said the head of the natural resources conservation office in Riau, Genman S. Hasibuan.

Damar was only 2-year-old. His death came as a shock since Damai was in healthy condition and showing no symptoms of illness.

Anak gajah mati di TWA Buluh Cina, Kabupaten Kampar. ( Syukur)

After receiving the news, the natural resources conservation office in Riau promptly ordered a medical team to examine his carcass to find out the cause of death.

The medical team examined the samples of Damar’s tongue, liver, spleen, stomach, kidney, heart, lung, and pericardial fluid. The result of the lab test came out on Tuesday. 

It was found that Damar died because of Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpes Virus (EEHV).

Genman said the symptoms of EEHV were difficult to spot and could be dangerous for elephant calves, however he assured the elephants in the park were receiving adequate care. Riau’s natural resources conservation office also has given condolences for Damar’s death.

M Syukur contributed to this report.

Seekor anak gajah ditemukan dalam kondisi terluka terjerat jebakan warga dan membuat belelainya nyaris putus. Setelah ditangani dokter kondisinya sempat membaik namun kemudian sang anak gajah mati.

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