InfiniGods Web3 Gaming Studio Debuts Their First Game: InfiniMerge

This month, the blockchain gaming studio InfiniGods is launching the first Play-to-Earn game, InfiniMerge. From its ancient Greek sceneries to digital rewards, this experience is perfect for historical-themed gaming fans as well as NFT collectors. Their recent NFT drop titled Elder Gods received great feedback, with a one-day retention rate of 40%, so let’s find out all about it ASAP!

Digital poster of three InfiniMerge Web3 NFT game characters, one male and two females
The new Web3 gaming studio InfiniGods launched its P2E game InfiniMerge, inspired by ancient Greek mythology!

InfiniMerge: How Does InfiniGods’ New Game Work?

In short, InfiniMerge is a puzzle-style Web3 game with P2E mechanics. You can think of this experience as a Web3-optimized version of Candy Crush or City Block. The main theme of the game is ancient Greek mythology. Therefore, as you level up, you’ll encounter many well-known characters or legends from fascinating Greek history.

This amazing experience begins with The Shipright – a Web3 portal where players officially begin the game. There, each player can mint digital Arks, gain Followers, and trade in-game items.

Right now, InfiniMerge is free to play. However, you can improve your gaming experience by minting one of the following NFTs:

  • Community Pass: gain access to VIP content, extra in-game boosts, more earnings, and allowlist access for future NFT drops;
  • Ultimate Pass: all of the Community Pass perks, extra in-game boosts, and surprise VIP benefits.

With so many gameplay options, InfiniMerge is already rising in popularity. For example, players who already minted the Elder Gods NFTs used the special “God Powers” features +2,000 times in just two weeks.

screenshot from the InfiniMerge NFT blockchain game with ancient Greek mythology influences
Surprisingly, the InfiniMerge game comes with P2E mechanics, VIP perks, and future NFT drops!

What is InfiniGods?

Put simply, InfiniGods is a Web3 gaming studio founded in 2022 by a team of experienced blockchain experts. Its co-founders are Damon Gura, former CEO at DGN Games and Owen O’Donoghue, the former Gaming Director at Facebook. Together, the two aim to create new experiences for casual games using the latest blockchain technologies.

“Merge games are popular for their simple mechanics and straightforward progression, and InfiniMerge combines all this with Web3 elements like digital collectibles and play-to-own rewards,” said Damon Gura. “We believe that Web3 gaming will only reach its potential if games are fun and accessible, and that’s the objective we’ve sought to achieve with InfiniMerge.”

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