5 Classic Rock Riffs for Beginners

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Riffs are the building blocks of classic rock. They are the earworms that stick with you and make the songs memorable. In this video, you will learn how to play five of the most popular riffs from bands such as Deep Purple, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, The Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin.

5 Classic Rock Riffs for Beginners

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Does It Doom?’s Steve Reis on Black Sabbath’s “Black Sabbath”

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The envoy of evil honors Tony Iommi’s ominous opening odyssey that is a foreboding fight between light and dark that ultimately sparked several subgenres of metal.

Top 10 Hooked Videos of 2021

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Paul Gilbert on Zep, Samantha Fish on Tom Petty, Marty Friedman on Sabbath, and more players share stories of how and when the guitar rocked their worlds.

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