NFL Legend Seeks Answers for Snubbing LeBron James While Naming NBA MVP Trophy After Michael Jordan

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The National Basketball Association just renamed its regular season MVP trophy after the legendary Michael Jordan. While the decision has its logic, not everyone is happy about it. An NFL legend is seeking answers from the NBA about the reason behind snubbing another NBA legend LeBron James for the honor. According to him, James deserves something to be named after him as well.

While Jordan is considered an all-time great in the NBA, a section of fans put James on the same pedestal.


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Shannon Sharpe wants something named after LeBron James 

NFL legend Shannon Sharpe is a huge LeBron James fan. So, when the news of the renaming of the NBA MVP trophy came out, he certainly didn’t like it. The former Denver Broncos tight end wanted it to be renamed after LeBron James rather than Michael Jordan.


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Speaking on the topic with Skip Bayless on their show ‘Undisputed’, Sharpe wanted answers from the NBA. And he gave his reasoning for it.

“Did they leave room for it to be called the GOAT MVP trophy after LeBron James? They gotta do something. He is the GOAT. How can you have a man with the most points in NBA history not have his name on nothing,” Sharpe said.

He then listed numerous awards in the NBA named after the legends of that game. In the end, he said James deserves something to be named after him.

“Somebody gotta tell me something. Maybe they write his name on the bathroom wall, maybe they write it on an oak tree somewhere. But LeBron James gotta have his name on something,” Sharpe added.

The LeBron James and Michael Jordan debate is nothing new in the world of basketball. Just like the Tom Brady and Peyton Manning debate in the NFL. Or maybe the Joe Montana and Tom Brady debate. But how do they stack up against each other?

The LBJ vs MJ debate

The task of comparing Michael Jordan and LeBron James against each other is a difficult one. Especially because they played in different eras and never faced each other. Jordan retired from the game the year LeBron got selected in the draft. But still, the debate goes on.


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Out of the two, MJ has more championship rings, six as compared to James’ four. Jordan has won 10 scoring titles in his career while James has got just one. And out of the two, Jordan is the one who has won a defensive player trophy too.


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But even discarding everything else, the amount of popularity that the NBA got outside of the US was because of Michael Jordan. Currently, James plays in the NBA for the Los Angeles Lakers while Jordan is the President of the Charlotte Hornets. Both servants of the game still serving it.

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