Monthly Horoscope: Leo, December 2022

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The sun in Sagittarius illuminates the sector of your chart that rules celebration, romance, creativity, and joy! This is an exciting and festive time of year for you, dear Leo. Above all, the sun in Sagittarius calls you to connect with your heart’s purpose: If you’re in a situation and your heart’s not really in it, it’s time to leave and make space for what’s actually important to you. Give yourself a chance to be happy! New love may enter the scene this month, or a connection with an established partner may deepen.

A big shift takes place in your social life as Venus in Sagittarius opposes Mars retrograde in Gemini on December 1. You feel a boost of confidence in connecting with a group or community, or feel ready to let go of a relationship with a person or community that you have outgrown. Also on this day, Venus mingles with with Saturn in Aquarius and Mercury in Sagittarius squares off with Neptune in Pisces. Venus’s connection with Saturn inspires an especially supportive atmosphere in your relationships, and there’s a strong focus on responsibility—but as Mercury squares off with Neptune in Pisces, be mindful that miscommunications may take place. Be clear about boundaries, especially regarding money, as wishy-washy Neptune could muddy things up.

Neptune ends its retrograde in Pisces on December 3, inspiring an atmosphere of compassion and generosity. The holiday spirit of giving is very high at this time! But it’s also important to examine your boundaries and to respect your—and other people’s—limits. For example, if you go out to dinner with friends and they suggest that you’ll work out the bill later, perhaps insist on separate checks from the get-go. People can mean well and want to be generous, but things can quickly fall apart if a fair plan isn’t made.

Venus squares off with Neptune on December 4, inspiring a hugely romantic, passionate mood—but if big dreams fall flat, the disappointment can feel more heartbreaking than usual. Emotions are very big at this time! Be patient, take it slow, keep a sense of humor, and connect with friends who make you laugh. If you’re feeling sad, remember that this feeling won’t last forever; in fact, on December 6 there’s a big shift in the atmosphere as Mercury squares off with Jupiter in Pisces and enters Capricorn. Mercury square Jupiter inspires optimism and an easygoing energy—just watch out for missed details. Fortunately, Mercury in Capricorn can help you keep track of things and get reorganized. There might be news about a gig or progress in a project you’re working on. 

The full moon in Gemini takes place on December 7, bringing some clarity to a situation that’s been brewing in your social life. Full moons are famously times of release, and as the sun opposes Mars retrograde on December 8, this is a significant period of letting go. You could be releasing a friendship, letting go of an expectation or hope, or simply removing yourself from a dynamic you’re no longer interested in. Leos are fire signs, famous for their passion, but you may be exploring a more detached approach at this time. This full moon brings information to light, and as the facts become clear, you’re not letting your ego get in the way of addressing whatever needs to be addressed. That said, this full moon could also find a dream being realized, and you may be basking in the excitement of your achievements!

Venus squares off with Jupiter and Venus enters Capricorn on December 9: Some over-the-top fun may take place, you could be attending a big party, or experiencing an adventure you’ll never forget! It’s an exciting time for love and connection, and creativity abounds—just be careful not to over indulge. Venus in Capricorn can help you approach things in a grounded, responsible way. Venus in this sensual earth sign may also find you enjoying some spa days, updating your wardrobe, and focusing on beauty. In your love life, Venus in Capricorn could mean you and your partners are figuring out the best way to organize your schedules. You’re especially appreciative of the people in your life who show up to help you with day-to-day responsibilities, and you’re remembering that love and friendship aren’t just about having a good time, but about taking care of business together, too. 

The sun connects with Saturn on December 12, and Mercury enters its pre-retrograde shadow, too. The sun and Saturn’s helpful alignment can find you and your partners reaching important agreements, but keep your plans flexible, as Mercury entering its pre-retrograde shadow might mean that many of the details or plans explored now are rearranged once Mercury retrograde begins on December 29.

The sun squares off with Neptune on December 14, which could find you feeling especially sensitive. Make time to rest. Express yourself artistically, and spend time with people who make you laugh. Egos can be easily bruised, and exhaustion levels are high, so be gentle with yourself and others. The mood rapidly changes as Mercury connects with Uranus in Taurus on December 17: Breakthroughs in communication take place, and exciting news—perhaps about your career—arrives.

Jupiter enters fellow fire sign Aries on December 20, bringing very exciting opportunities your way! Invitations to travel may arrive. If you’re in school, great progress toward your goals can be made. If you’re working on publishing something, Jupiter in Aries helps share your message far and wide. Capricorn season begins and the sun squares off with Jupiter on December 21, inspiring a busy, productive atmosphere! Just be careful not to over book yourself. In your enthusiasm, you might say yes to every invitation that comes your way, but slow down, Leo! Venus connects with Uranus on December 22, bringing some unexpected reward or applause your way. A creative breakthrough takes place. There could be an exciting shift in your love life! 

The new moon in Capricorn takes place on December 23, finding you committing to a new routine or habit. New moons symbolize fresh starts, and you could be taking a new approach to organizing yourself and your work. You may be rearranging your schedule, and perhaps starting a new gig or project. You may be embarking on a new wellness routine, too.

Mercury connects with Neptune on December 24, inspiring creative thinking and problem solving. Your imagination and intuition are fantastic assets at this time. An awkward situation can be smoothed over. An inspiring discussion may transform your approach to things. Venus connects with Neptune on December 28, bringing a romantic and creatively inspired atmosphere: An open-hearted, generous energy flows, and spiritual connections are formed! The mood is compassionate and tricky interpersonal situations can be smoothed over.

Mercury retrograde begins in Capricorn, and Mercury meets Venus, on December 29. Mercury’s meeting with Venus inspires a sweet, friendly atmosphere. At the start of this retrograde, you feel quite cheerful as you go about your daily chores, and you may run into friends or find that you’re surrounded by beauty! Mercury retrograde is famous for miscommunications and delays, but its meeting with Venus may find you charming everyone you meet (or perhaps you’ll be charmed by someone else!) and find you ready to take a slower pace. That’s what Mercury retrograde is ultimately all about: slowing down and looking back!

Mercury retrogrades are famously inopportune times to start new projects because of how slowly things slog along, but Mercury retrogrades can be fantastic for picking up projects that were put on the back burner, especially for you, dear Leo! This Mercury retrograde in Capricorn activates the productivity sector of your chart. Astrologers typically advise against traveling, signing contracts, and making big purchases during Mercury retrograde, but if you can slow down, keep things flexible and open-ended, and double check your plans, you’ll be working with energy, and not against it.

Venus and Pluto meet in the new year, January 1, 2023, finding you feeling transformed by love, art, or something else that stirs your heart very deeply! The new year is a favorite time to make resolutions, but the ones you make this year can have extra oomph to them thanks to Venus and Pluto’s meeting!

Good luck this month, Leo, and see you in January!


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