LOL: Everyone is making fun of TPM's Josh Marshall for TWEETING about his Mastodon herd

Josh Marshall from Talking Points Memo (TPM) claims he and his friends are having a great time over at the extinct furry elephant site. So much so that he had to log into Twitter so real people would know.

According to Marshall, he and his Canadian girlfriend spend quite a bit of time making fun of Elon Musk on Mastodon. He did not, of course, tag Musk in the tweet, so it appears to be largely performative for his audience who has stuck with the bird app over the prehistoric pachyderm.

Mr Elon, we’re all over at mastodon making fun of you. Stop by.

— Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) December 16, 2022

Twitter users were quite amused by the irony of using Twitter to brag about Mastodon.

— Eric Spencer (@JustEric) December 17, 2022

LOL. Yeah, we’re not buying it either. Begging your mom and grandma to let you create Mastodon accounts in their names might allow you to technically say ‘we’re all over here’, but it’s hardly the sign of a mass migration of your herd.

So you posted this on Twitter so more then 5 people will see it?

— NevilleTheCat (@FearTheFloof) December 17, 2022

We’ll cut Josh Marshall some slack. There are probably more than five.

— MattBlackwell (@MattBlackwell) December 17, 2022

Yep, dozens sounds about right. LOL.

Well we’re all over here making fun of you now. We win.

— LG in AZ (@lgadbery) December 17, 2022

Ha! It’s sort of our thing here at Twitchy.

Live look in…

— DangerZone (@HighwayToTheDZ) December 17, 2022

Josh 1: ‘So what do you think about Elon Musk these days?’

Josh 2: ‘He’s a horrible human being!’

Josh 3: ‘I agree!’

Josh 1: ‘Thank you all for being here! So much better than Twitter (sobbing).’

— Tim Troy (@Troy_Tim) December 17, 2022

Perfect! LOL.

— Hard Pass (@HardPass4) December 17, 2022

This is getting a little bit sad.

— Omri Ceren (@omriceren) December 17, 2022

It really is a bit sad … and hilarious.

If a lib whines on Mastodon, does it actually make a difference?

— King (@jasonhaggard) December 17, 2022

Not until they tweet about it, apparently.

Nah bro. You’ve tweeted, retweeted, or responded over 30 times today. You haven’t gone anywhere.

— calrepliberty (@calrepliberty) December 17, 2022

Got ‘eeeeeemmmm!

you didn’t even tag him to avoid a massive ratio 🤣

— world targets in megadeaths (@echrell) December 16, 2022

Josh was probably so busy checking his likes and retweets about his Mastodon tweet that he forgot to check in on Mastodon.

“Let me jump on over to twitter to tell the twitter people how much fun we are having off twitter, that’l show them!”

— Flexington (@TheFlexington) December 17, 2022

Self-own in it’s purest form.


“I have a college boyfriend, but he lives two hours away so I can’t prove it of course.”

Also, you came here just to say that?


— Shayadjinn (@Shayadjinn1) December 17, 2022

We appreciate that they’re willing to do this to themselves for free.

Guarantee you he’ll be back. He couldn’t even leave Twitter without making a scene here

— NiedermeyersDeadHorse aka NDH (@NiedsG) December 17, 2022

They’ll all be back.

ChatGPT Prompt: “Write the world’s most pathetic tweet.”

— Frank J. Fleming (@IMAO_) December 17, 2022


Sir, this is Twitter.

— George Alexopoulos (@GPrime85) December 16, 2022

LOL! We have a winner!

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