Chufy Pre-Fall 2023

Chufy Pre-Fall 2023

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This Chufy collection was photographed in the Norwegian countryside. Sofia Sanchez de Betak went chasing the Northern Lights after Covid, and the place made an impression on her. Other aurora borealis chasers commit the dancing waves of lights to their cameras, once they find them, and quickly call it a night, but not Sanchez de Betak. To really appreciate cosmic time, slowing down is necessary. She recommends bundling up and maybe even bringing along some hot water bottles—she’s now making covers for the old-fashioned devices with repurposed fabric scraps from old collections, and selling them on her website.

At Chufy, the smocked dresses, quilted jackets, romper sets, and other easy-wearing bohemian shapes that Sanchez de Betak favors are refreshed from season to season with new prints. The aurora borealis phenomenon inspired her pre-fall, but in the abstract way that all of her travels inform the Chufy aesthetic. The swirling patterns here are more impressionistic than they are literal.

Four years in, Sanchez de Betak decided Chufy’s business practices didn’t align with her principles. “Why do we have so many samples?” she said she asked her team. “I decided I only want to give our customers what we find super-special.” Where the collection is growing is with its knits. Ruffled shoulders on a melange ribbed sweater and colorful embroidery on a cable-knit crewneck are two of the offering’s small special details.

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