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What’s all the hype about a holiday rom-com? Aren’t there a million of those? Sure, but this isn’t just any rom-com: Falling for Christmas is Lindsay Lohan’s comeback movie, and the beginning of a new chapter in her very long career.

The film, which stars Lohan as a newly engaged, spoiled heiress who gets into a skiing accident and finds herself in the car of a handsome, blue-collar lodge owner (Glee star Chord Overstreet), debuted with an 80% on Rotten Tomatoes.

“I wanted to do something where people felt like I hadn’t left. You know a lot of people say ‘comeback’ and stuff, and that puts a lot of pressure on the situation, and I’m not one that wants attention,” she told Who What Wear (opens in new tab)

Lohan even recorded her own cover of ‘Jingle Bell Rock (opens in new tab)‘ for the Christmas flick, a song she also performed in Mean Girls. She reportedly pitched the song for Falling for Christmas as a nod to her role in Tina Fey’s iconic high school comedy.

“Falling For Christmas is incredible! I loved every second of it! Lindsay Lohan is well and truly back!” said (opens in new tab) one Twitter user.

“Watched Falling For Christmas with a couple of friends and when I tell you the second Lindsay Lohan showed up on screen you could feel the presence of a movie star. We don’t have many of those anymore. This is a new beginning for her and I can’t wait to see what comes next,” one viewer said (opens in new tab).

“Lindsay Lohan turning her whole life around and coming back to be a wholesome Christmas queen is my absolute favorite thing ever,” said (opens in new tab) another.

FALLING FOR CHRISTMAS is a goddamn delight and everything you want from a silly holiday rom-com: over the top camp characters, ridiculous physical comedy, sweet corny romantic moments, a gay awakening with a mountain man named Ralph. It’s so much fun! Lindsay Lohan is back, baby! 10, 2022

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Am I the only one who felt emotional watching Lindsay Lohan on the screen after all these years and after EVERYTHING shes been through. She looked so vibrant and healthy. She was the IT girl of my ENTIRE childhood. I’ve missed her so much.#FallingForChristmas 11, 2022

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“Seeing Lindsay Lohan thriving in Falling for Christmas brought me an unexpected sense of joy,” writer Dana Piccoli tweeted.

“I’m just glad she’s acting again. She was always a truly talented actor and I think that’s so lost in the conversation about her. The fact that she’s in a place where she can just get back to doing her job and doing it well is so encouraging,” someone wrote in reply to Piccoli’s tweet.

I know I’m super late but I just finished Falling For Christmas! and I didn’t expect to cry T H I S hard during a Christmas Romcom😭 Can’t wait to watch it on the actual Christmas Eve!! I’m sure it will hit different! It is definitely without a doubt the new Christmas Classic 🎄 12, 2022

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Spoiler alert: Santa makes an appearance, and he’s a little unsettling.

Santa in Falling for Christmas…I’ll see him again in my nightmares 14, 2022

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Falling for Christmas is streaming now, only on Netflix. Lohan signed a two-picture deal with Netflix, meaning we might be getting a sequel.

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