Meek Mill’s Most Ridiculous Moments Throughout His Career

Meek Mill’s Most Ridiculous Moments Throughout His Career

Meek Mill strikes again in a new shenanigan. Recently, he shared his family would come together for Thanksgiving after saying the holiday wasn’t real. He also referred to Native Americans as “Indians.”

 Meek Mill


Recently, he trended on Twitter as fans took a trip down memory lane on the rapper’s most confusing, awkward, and ridiculous moments throughout his career.

Here are some of Meek’s most ridiculous moments:

Thanksgiving “Isn’t Real”

When asked whether he would celebrate Thanksgiving, Meek Mill said that he believed the holiday wasn’t real since the pilgrims hurt the Indians. However, he says that his family might still come together to celebrate it.

Thanksgiving fake …. The pilgrims killed the Indians I still remember them books from school horrible I got Indian friends …. My family might link up!

— MeekMill (@MeekMill) November 21, 2022

Fans on Twitter reacted to the “24/7” artist’s statement. One fan made fun of the Philadelphia native for indicating that his family will come together after making fun of the holiday:

“So you said all this just to say you celebrate it?”

Other Twitter users called out the rapper for claiming to have friends that were “Indians” when the correct term would be Native Americans.

Tripping An NBA Referee

In most recent news, the Philadelphia artist accidentally tripped an NBA referee after having his legs stretched out while sitting courtside at last night’s 76ers game against the Phoenix Suns.

Fans on Twitter began joking at the “Levels” artist’s expense. One fan seemingly said that the comical moment was better than the release of Meek’s last album, Expensive Pain from last year:

“Expensive Mistakes > Expensive Pain”

French Fries By The Pool

In 2020, the Philadelphia native posted a picture of him on social media where he puts french fries on his lap, instead of on a plate or container while kicking his feet in the pool.

The Random Tickle Fight With James Harden 

 Last year, footage surfaced on the internet and revealed the “Levels” artist engaging in a tickle fight with NBA basketball player James Harden in front of a dancing Lil Uzi Vert.

Riding On The Back Of A Motorcycle With Nicki Minaj

Another fan captured an old photo around 2015-2016 of Meek Mill riding in the back of a motorcycle with then-girlfriend Nicki Minaj.

Meek Shows Off His…Boxing Skills?

Recently, Meek Mill showed off his boxing skills by punching a yoga ball out of someone’s hands.

Weird Poses + Food Choices

Another Twitter user seemingly says that Meek Mill is not a real person based on his other activities and food choices deemed weird by fans.

Kevin Gates’ Ridiculous Moments

SOHH has recently looked back on another rapper’s trend of awkward moments in their career.

One thing Kevin Gates is known for is his unpredictable behavior. The Louisiana native was recently trending on Black Twitter for some of his most memorable and ridiculous moments.

Additional reporting by Kamryn Ashli.

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