Kimmel Compares Disney CEO Shakeup to Mom Dumping Stepdad for ‘Your Real Dad’ (Video)

Kimmel also jokes that Disney replacing one guy named Bob with another is like New Coke and Coke Classic

 Kimmel Disney CEO Shakeup


During his monologue on Monday, Jimmy Kimmel of course had to talk about the leadership drama at ABC parent company Disney — a situation the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host likened to “finding out your Mom decided to dump your step-dad, to get back together with your real Dad.”

Of course if you’re reading this, likely you’re aware of the shock news on Sunday, when Disney abruptly fired CEO Bob Chapek and at the same time announced that former CEO Bob Iger was coming out of retirement to once again lead the company.

If you want to read more about this confusing, and still very much developing situation, you can check out TheWrap’s coverage here, here and here. The short version is, Chapek had a very rough two years at the top of the mouse house, some entirely out of his control and some apparent self-owns, and it appears Disney’s board thinks Iger is the man to right the ship.

“The big story in Hollywood today – involves our parent company, Disney,” Kimmel said when he reached the topic during his monologue. “Our former boss has returned! It’s a little bit confusing. What happened, basically, our former CEO at Disney was a guy named Bob Iger. Old Bob.”

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“Two years ago, Old Bob decided to retire, so he picked a new Bob to replace him. Bob Chapek. But last night, out of nowhere, the board of directors fired New Bob and convinced Old Bob to come back. Which means New Bob is now Old Bob and Old Bob is the new New Bob,” Kimmel continued.

“It’s like what happened with Coca-Cola when they switched the formula. Then now we’re back to Bob Classic I guess. And for us, it’s kind of like finding out your Mom decided to dump your step-dad – to get back together with your real Dad,” Kimmel added.

During the monologue, Kimmel also touched on President Joe Biden’s 80th birthday (and the fact he’s the oldest-ever president), Donald Trump being allowed to return to Twitter, and more. You can watch the whole thing above now.

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