iFixit starts stocking Pixel 6a spare parts as collaboration with Google deepen

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Online News Magazine It is now possible to replace the Pixel 6a's battery with a genuine Google part. (Image source: iFixit)
It is now possible to replace the Pixel 6a’s battery with a genuine Google part. (Image source: iFixit)

iFixit has started selling spare parts for the Google Pixel 6a. From replacement battery and display adhesives to camera modules and a new display, it is now possible to repair the Pixel 6a yourself with genuine Google parts.

iFixit has expanded its spare parts offering for Pixel smartphones. Announced in April, Google and iFixit’s collaboration extended to the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. However, iFixit continues to offer spare parts for the Nexus 6P, the original Pixel and the Pixel XL.

Please note that spares for these three smartphones are not a ‘Genuine Google Pixel Part’. Instead, iFixit offers this designation for Pixel 2 series parts onwards. Although iFixit does not yet carry spare parts for the Pixel 7 or the Pixel 7 Pro, it now sells Pixel 6a replacement parts in multiple markets. If the time it has taken between the Pixel 6a’s release and the availability of replacement parts is anything to go by, it could take until early 2023 before Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro parts become orderable.

As for the Pixel 6a, iFixit carries battery and display adhesives, as well as replacement displays, batteries and rear-facing cameras. By default, iFixit sells replacement components in a ‘Fix Kit’, which contains the appropriate tools for performing the repair. Alternatively, iFixit offers parts only at a discount. For example, while the ultra-wide-angle camera retails for US$29.99, the Fix Kit comes in at US$36.99. Full details about replacement Pixel 6a parts and appropriate repair guides can be found on iFixit’s website.

Alex Alderson, 2022-11- 8 (Update: 2022-11- 8)

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