CONNECT Music Licensing and Music Canada launch Understanding Royalties In the Digital Age video series, supported by Ontario Creates

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CONNECT Music Licensing and Music Canada have released a new video series, titled Understanding Royalties In the Digital Age, which clearly and succinctly explains key concepts and fundamentals about music royalties in Canada. The series expands on information from CONNECT’s often-cited Music Royalties Explained infographic, and aims to help Canadian artist entrepreneurs collect all the royalties they are entitled to. 

Made possible by the support of Ontario Creates, the four part series of short, shareable videos explores the process of licensing, distribution, and generating income from the broadcast and public performance of music. The videos are: 

  • The Anatomy of a Song
  • Public Performance
  • Digital Distributors
  • The Journey of a Song

Charotar Globe Daily “These videos are designed to provide Canadian artist entrepreneurs with key information about music rights, licensing, and how to collect royalties from the use of their music,” said Catherine Jones, Vice President of CONNECT Music Licensing. “By clearly outlining the royalties that artists are entitled to when their music is used, these videos will help more artists collect revenue and earn a living from their music.”

“All creators should have a working understanding of the royalties they are entitled to when their music is streamed online, played on the radio or broadcast in a restaurant, club, bar, fitness club or live event venue,” said Sarah Hashem, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives at Music Canada. “These videos outline how artist entrepreneurs can register their works with the applicable Canadians rights organizations, so that they can get paid when their music is played.” 

“Empowering artists to understand the intricacies of copyright and the mechanics in place for them to be compensated for their work is essential,” said Miranda Mulholland, artist, and Creative Culture Advisor at Music Canada. “Ensuring artists have access to this knowledge makes the entire music ecosystem more robust.” 

The videos are now available on-demand via the CONNECT Artist Entrepreneur Virtual Resource Centre, and can be viewed in any order.

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