Yatta! Japan relaxes restrictions on Filipino travelers, accepts individual tourist visa applications once again

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If you have been yearning to explore the Land of the Rising Sun on your own terms, here’s some good news: Japan is finally relaxing its travel restrictions for Filipino tourists and is once again accepting individual tourist visa applications.

If you can recall, the country has previously tightened its restrictions on tourists coming from the Philippines and other countries during the height of the pandemic, only allowing visitors who have booked package tours arranged by a travel agency. Travelers visiting friends in Japan were also required to submit a written pledge by the person who had invited them to fly over.

“My dear Filipino friends, thank you very much for your appreciation of Japan. Since the COVID-19 situation has improved, we have started to relax entry procedures. Now, you can enjoy individual travel to our country,” Koshikawa Kazukiho, Japan ambassador to the Philippines, announced in a video released today

The ambassador also invited Filipinos to take advantage of the country’s autumn season.

According to the Japanese embassy website, the suspension of the validity of multiple-entry visa and APEC business travel cards have also been lifted.

Travelers will be required to present a vaccination certificate that proves they have received at least three doses of the COVID vaccine.

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