Transformers series gets a Magic: The Gathering crossover and a new game in 2023, too

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Daily News | Online News Transformers: Shattered Glass II #1

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Good news if you enjoyed the Transformer Earthspark TV show – Outright Games has confirmed a new Transformers game based on the series is on the way.

We don’t know much about it just yet, but Outright Games – which is dedicated to “working with your most beloved global family favorite franchises” – says the untitled game has been inspired by the new TV show Transformers: Earthspark and will reportedly release in 2023 on PC and consoles.

For those who aren’t as familiar with the show, it features all the “robots in disguise” we know and love, as well as new characters we’ve never seen before.

Other Transformers-flavored news to come out of Hasbro Pulse (opens in new tab) includes confirmation of a crossover with Magic: The Gathering (opens in new tab). As you may expect, the 15 cards are double-sided to enable them to “transform” from robot to vehicle form. They also come in Shattered Glass and OG 1980s style variants, too (for characters that didn’t exist back in the day, cool 80s versions have been created for them).

The Transformers x Magic: The Gathering crossover will see the cards distributed within The Brothers’ War set boosters, collector boosters, and Bundle Box sets and include Optimus Prime, Goldbug, and Starscream, amongst others, although you’ll only be able to play them in Commander, Legacy, and Vintage formats.

“There are so many fan-favorite Transformers characters that we wanted to make sure we could launch many of them,” said Gavin Verhey, principal game designer at Wizards Of The Coast (IGN (opens in new tab), via NME (opens in new tab)).

Back in May, IDW Publishing announced a new five-issue limited series, Transformers: Shattered Glass 2, which debuted in August. 

The series follows immediately on the heels of its 2021 predecessor and sees Shattered Glass 2 continue to explore a dark, alternate reality in which the Autobots and the Decepticons have swapped roles: Optimus Prime is a dictator, rather than a hero, and Megatron just wants peace. Or, as we explained at the time: think the Star Trek ‘Mirror’ universal, with Transformers (opens in new tab)

The series features main cover art by Marcelo Matere and variant covers by Red Powell and Nick Brokenshire. Variant covers were also available via Hasbro Pulse.

“When we ended the first series, I was overjoyed at the fan reaction to our version of Shattered Glass,” writer Danny Lore told us at the time of the announcement. 

“It was a world full of passionate revolutionaries, terrifying warlords, and lots of big things going boom. The chance to revisit Shattered Glass, giving you even more of all that, really feels like coming home – a very explosive home with a lot of really tall folk, but home nonetheless!” 

This is one of the last Transformers series from IDW Publishing before the license leaves at the end of this year (opens in new tab).

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