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A collection of all the tools and resources we’ve mentioned in our GA4 series, plus a few extra. We’ll be adding to it in the future.

Here’s a collection of all the tools and resources we’ve mentioned so far in our GA4 series, plus a few extra.

Online News Key articles by Google support

  • Release Notes for GA4 
  • Make the switch to GA4
  • Introduction to Google Analytics 4

Online News Universal Tag Manager tools

  • Google Analytics URL Builder — create a UTM tag on the page you are on
  • UTM IO — Google Analytics URL Builder to bulk create UTM tags

Google Tag Manager help

For WordPress

  • Measure School — GTM for WordPress Plugin
  • MonsterInsights — GTM Plugin for WordPress

Using GTM with other CMS 

Data Layer Building — Tracking the right clicks

  • GTM Variable Builder
  • Trigger Guide for GTM

Tag analysis — what’s firing on my site?

  • Google Tag Assistant is a Chrome extension that ensures Google tags such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Adwords Conversion Tracking and more are working correctly. 
  • Data Slayer is a Chrome extension for debugging and testing tag management (Google Tag Manager, DTM, Tealium) and analytics implementations.
  • Using Meta Pixel with GTM
  • How to add schema in GTM

Templates to use to map commerce to GA4

Online News Consent Management Platforms with resources about Google’s Consent Mode

  • Cookie Script 
  • Cookie Pro
  • Cookie Information

Online News ‘How to’ helpers

  • 3 ways to do segmentation in Google Analytics 4
  • How to make a Google Analytics 4 custom report in :30 seconds
  • 11 steps to setting up a successful GA4 property
  • How to make a GA4 landing page report in 10 easy steps
  • Using Google Analytics 4 integrations for insights and media activations

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An ongoing series

  1. Redefine success
  2. Setting up goals
  3. Setting up your website
  4. Data-driven attribution
  5. Customized insights
  6. Events and Conversions
  7. UTM tagging
  8. GA4 Setup Assistant part 1
  9. GA4 Setup Assistant part 2

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