PussyDAO NFTs Can Be Redeemed For Real-Life Panties

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PussyDAO is the latest Web3 project connecting NFTs to physical products, including panties. The startup’s CEO is none other than Izzy Howell, the former head of growth at Cypher. Now, she is offering redemption NFTs allowing users to purchase streetwear, underwear, and more!

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PussyDAO is a new Solana-based NFT project offering exclusive real-life panties and streetwear. Credit: FreePik

Daily News | Online News How is PussyDAO linking NFTs to its physical panties?

If you’re into fashion and NFTs, PussyDAO is a new Solana startup combining the two. The project’s NFTs act as redemption coupons. Each digital asset allows holders to buy real-life items, including streetwear and panties.

In fact, the project instantly stands out from the crowd due to founder Izzy Howell’s vision:

“I was up really late with my team, and all of the guys on my team just kept saying liquidity is all that matters. That’s the most important thing: liquidity, liquidity, liquidity,” founder Izzy Howell said. “And the next thought in my head was that I wanted to make a pair of panties that said ‘highly liquid’ on the crotch.”

Izzy Howell, the current CEO of PussyDAO, left her previous position at Cypher to pursue her new dream.

For now, PussyDAO focuses on apparel, but the brand might include more physical products in the future, Howell confirmed. For example, we might soon be able to get software drops and even exclusive experiences!

All in all, the CEO describes PussyDAO as a mix between “punk rock and hyperfeminity”. Considering the success of hybrid NFT projects so far, her new take on apparel can become successful.

Daily News | Online News image of a BAYC x Adidas NFT
Many iconic brands have been launching hybrid NFT projects, including Adidas and BAYC. Credit: Adidas

Daily News | Online News Which other brands have NFTs redeemable for real-life items?

Creators have been using NFTs as redemption coupons for quite a while. However, this type of digital asset gained popularity recently thanks to iconic brands’ input.

For example, Adidas teamed up with BAYC last winter for its “Into the Metaverse” debut collection. In short, each NFT holder gained access to the brand’s exclusive physical and digital merch.

A more recent example comes from Funko Pop. The figurine brand launched a Game of Thrones-themed NFT collection and each NFT is redeemable for physical collectibles. These examples alone prove the niche’s potential, and PussyDAO might be off to a great start too!

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