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Known insider Dusk Golem, or Aesthetic Gamer over on Twitter (opens in new tab), claims that PlayStation has an “Ooze game” in the works, and I have several questions. 

“Before I get back to Silent Hill hype, somewhere in the future, someone call out to me when Sony announces their Ooze game,” Dusk Golem said in an undeniably ominous tweet. “I’m not gonna talk anymore about it until it’s announced, and that’s not its name, but y’all will know the Ooze game when you see it. I’m interested in it.” 

“Y’all will know the Ooze game when you see it” almost reads like a threat. The ooze is coming, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Dread it, run from it, ooze arrives all the same. 

Assuming that this mystery game is real and ‘ooze’ is a fair description of it – no small reach, to be fair, but stranger things have happened – you’ve got to wonder what the heck it is. It must be quite something to cut through the chatter around the Silent Hill showcase coming this week. 

The first thing that came to my still-reeling mind was a PlayStation-brand competitor to The Gunk, a gloop-filled action game from Thunderful which reviewed pretty well on PC but remained an Xbox console exclusive. Perhaps Sony’s noticed the runaway success of Slime Rancher 2 and decided to riff on the increasingly hot genre of ‘farming sim built around amorphous blobs,’ which is now a whole two games strong.  

Seriously, what is an ooze game? Is it a showcase for new liquid physics? Is it like the multifunctional ooze from Portal 2? A spiritual successor to A Boy and His Blob? A Power Rangers game starring Ivan Ooze?  Are we bringing back De Blob from the PS3 era? I’m going to run out of patience before I run out of obscure references, so whatever it is, I hope the ooze game is real and we get word of it soon. 

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