Daily horoscope for October 20, 2022

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Ideals may not line up with reality right now. Charming Venus squares chaotic Pluto at 2:03 am EDT, inviting controlling or obsessive attitudes in friendships and relationships. The sensitive Moon hassles Pluto as well, though not as strongly as Venus, bringing on unruly emotions. Luna then shifts into analytical Virgo, adding a logical tint to our feelings. Finally, the Moon clashes with Jupiter, unhealthily expanding our idealism, which can push us to overestimate our abilities. For the best results, stay realistic and humble.

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March 21-April 19

Someone in your life may now be obsessed with your image. You might have a certain persona that you broadcast to the world through social media or by simply living your life in public, and someone that you’re in a relationship or friendship with could try to curb your unique nature. They may feel that you’re too introverted or extroverted in comparison to them and demand to see a change from you. Resist the urge to lash out against them, but feel free to decline.

April 20-May 20

Difficult people could cause frustration for you today. Someone who doesn’t share your morals may strive to convince you to do something shady along with them — they might even involve you in their plans without your knowledge! Their machinations could end with others questioning you despite your lack of actual involvement, and you might still feel like you have to defend yourself. Stick to your inner morals and know you aren’t at fault, no matter what the world perceives to be happening.

May 21-June 20

You might currently be biting off more than you can chew. Encouragement from others may lead you to conclude that you have more support or resources than you actually do. Then, when you’re in the middle of trying to accomplish one or more tasks, you realize that you’re underprepared and in deep already! Reaching out to others for help would be possible, but their availability could be scarce. Be aware of what you can genuinely do, and avoid overstretching yourself if possible.

June 21-July 22

Your sign’s natural sensitivity could allow others to manipulate you today, Cancer. Someone may try to take advantage of your easy-going nature, as they might believe that you won’t speak up even if you realize what they’re doing. They’re underestimating you! You can show them that you have your own specific mindset and boundaries without being aggressive. They might be unhappy with your choice, but they likely weren’t concerned about your happiness when they were making plans, so do what’s best for you.

July 23-August 22

Someone could be looking at your life with jealousy. You might have recently achieved a milestone, entered into a positive relationship, or solely appeared satisfied with your life, but the friction between sociable Venus and extreme Pluto may have another person much less satisfied with your success. They might disguise themselves as a supporter so well that you don’t see them coming. Make an effort to protect what’s yours — and be sure to stay aware of the people around you.

August 23-September 22

Overdoing things can speedily exhaust you. You might have overestimated what you’re physically able to do and overloaded your plate with tasks or errands. Physically demanding activities like marathons or sports games could also be causing this draining of energy, as a lack of preparation for these kinds of events can instigate unforeseen issues in your body and mind. Don’t skip the important things like eating and sleeping to maximize your productivity, because doing so will set you further back in the long run.

September 23-October 22

Intention isn’t everything at the moment. In particular, attempting to change a roommate or someone in your family isn’t likely to go well — even if you’re doing it for their benefit. Thanks to the friction between temperamental Venus and controlling Pluto, it doesn’t matter if you only want them to break an unhealthy habit or leave a toxic relationship. To them, it probably feels like you’re trying to control their every move! Regardless of how much you care about them, stay focused on yourself.

October 23-November 21

Someone may be secretly endeavoring to control you. Perhaps their actions aren’t even affecting you that much, but that doesn’t make it okay for them to use you as a means to an end. As complex Venus bumps into secretive Pluto, this person might ask you to do a favor for them that doesn’t make sense to you, but would be easy to complete. At least consider pressing them for further information, because an uncomfortable underlying motive could quickly come to light.

November 22-December 21

Extra preparation could presently be in order. Despite your best efforts, a group project that you’re involved in or an event that you’re organizing might not have the bugs worked out of it yet. You may need to seek aid from an expert to find the answers that you need, and an authority figure should be able to help you iron out any issues. It might not turn out exactly the way you wanted, but it will have a much better chance of succeeding.

December 22-January 19

An authority figure might want to push you too far at this time. This person may be a boss or a parent, and they could work to push you past your limits, either to see where those limits are or to get you to do more than you realistically can. Their demands will probably be uncomfortable, and figuring out the proper tone may not be easy. Let the universe help you politely and firmly let them know what you can do and what you can’t.

January 20-February 18

A person in your life could be trying to change what you believe. No matter how strong you are in your beliefs, someone may take vocal issue with them as stubborn Venus debates extreme Pluto. Their arguments might be blunt, and their intensity could lead you to believe that you’re in the wrong. While that’s possible, it’s more likely that they’re trying to scare you over to their side. You can listen politely if there’s no way out, but keep believing what you want.

February 19-March 20

Personal worries may currently stress out the people around you as well. You might be sincere in your concerns regarding safety or the future, but expressing these worries over and over to the company you’re keeping could drive them away. This would be a negative consequence of an issue that hasn’t even fully materialized in your life, which isn’t necessary or beneficial to you. Do your best to balance out the worries with some positivity, and see how life can brighten around you!

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